How to Make Money on Betting Apps

In the last two years, the online gambling industry has seen an explosion in popularity, with revenue predicted to hit £36.9 billion by next year.

From sports betting to online casinos, everyone has gotten on the bandwagon and begun placing bets on all sorts of games.

While this may seem like a good thing, there is a dark side to this growth. The big question is: how can you make money from gambling?

Well, you can’t directly,but here are some ways to make money on betting apps.

1. Scalping

This is the process of buying and selling of betting tickets at a profit, usually using a credit card. Scalpers make money by taking bets and using their phone’s camera to scan barcodes of winning tickets to get a rebate on their wagers. This process is largely done electronically, so there is no face-to-face contact involved.

While this might seem like a dirty way to make money, it is actually a perfectly legal activity, provided you meet the criteria set by the UK Gambling Commission and register with them as a gambling business. If you go through a regulated broker, you can rest assured that your money is safe and that they will look after your interests.

2. Investment

If you’re looking to make serious money from gambling, the best route might be to invest in gambling stocks or funds. It’s always risky to invest directly in the casino business, but if you’re looking for an opportunity to profit from the rise in popularity of gambling, all you need to do is look at the money market for reliable stock market trading platforms such as Charles Schwab. Use a legitimate broker to do all the trading for you, so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the profits.

3. Pools

Allowing you to participate in gambling events as a means of making money is the exciting new online gambling industry trend that has arrived. Essentially, this is when a bookmaker takes wagers on all sorts of events and matches those against pre-established handicaps. The bets are settled when the event takes place and the winner is determined by the handicap.

For example, if you wager on a soccer match and the game ends in a 1-1 draw, you would win the pool as the match was even. However, if the game ends in a 2-1 win for your team, then you would lose the pool since the handicap predicted a 1-1 draw.

4. Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the most popular ways to make money online. Essentially, you set up an affiliate marketing network where you pay a commission to whoever signs up for your affiliate program. You can either sign up directly with a brand and pay for each sale you make or you can use a third-party affiliate network to earn money passively.

There are a variety of different affiliate marketing schemes, some of which are more suited to online gambling than others. For example, Amazon pays you a flat rate regardless of whether or not you make a sale, while Google Adsense pays you only if a sale is made. Some affiliate marketing platforms like Tribal Fusion even allow you to participate in the success of other marketers. This is similar to what many traditional pyramid schemes do, except without the deception.

5. Live Streaming

Having a live sports stream where members of the public can wager on the outcome of real-world sporting events is one of the hottest emerging trends in online gambling. Several large bookmakers in Europe now offer live streaming of sporting events, as well as other content, such as award ceremonies, through their online betting websites. This provides an added bonus to their already thriving business—members can now place wagers while watching events as they happen.

The industry is still in its infancy, with several different companies providing this service. However, the betting potential is huge. Imagine being able to place bets on the outcome of real-world sporting events, such as the World Cup, while watching your favorite TV shows or documentaries. The possibilities are truly amazing.

More Ways To Make Money

Once you’ve mastered the above, then you can begin exploring other ways to make money online. Some of these ways are more traditional, while others are completely new. However, one thing they all have in common is that you don’t need to resort to illegal activities to make money.

If you’ve been paying attention, then you’ll know that the UK gambling industry is still in its infancy. While this might not seem like a bad thing, it means that there is still plenty of room for growth.

In 2022, the industry is predicted to grow by a massive 42%, so it’s a good idea to begin exploring the different ways you can make money from betting.