How to Make Profit on CSGO Betting Sites

It’s been a while since we had an article about the booming world of esports. But that world is undergoing a massive shift as more and more people become invested in competitive gaming as a career. And what’s more, the opportunity to profit via esports betting has become a real option for savvy sports fans.

Which Games to Bet On?

The most popular esports to bet on at the moment are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2 and League of Legends. But what makes these games so exciting to bet on?

Well, for starters, all of these games are reasonably popular. According to Esports Charts, as of October 2018, there were a total of 891 million registered users for Dota 2, Counter-Strike and League of Legends combined. If you add in all the other esports games, that figure goes up to 1.14 billion. When it comes to betting, the more users there are, the more opportunities there are for you to make money. And these figures don’t even include the millions of unregistered users who probably also play these games.

What’s more, due to the popularity of these games, there are a lot of knowledgeable bettors who want to make use of all the available odds to put their money on winning games. As a result, you can find great odds and betting strategies for all of these games.

How To Profit From Dota 2 Betting

Now, if you’re willing to commit to placing bets on a few selected games, how do you make the most of it? The answer is, you need to get familiar with esports betting sites. These sites can be a little confusing at first, but with a little effort, you’ll be able to navigate them easily enough.

On the surface, esports betting sites look like their regular casino or poker counterparts. But that’s where the similarity ends. While most traditional sports betting sites get their income from wagers placed on upcoming games, esports betting sites get their revenue from daily fantasy leagues where players can choose their fantasy teams and then compete against one another.

So, instead of placing bets on which team will win the next game, you’ll be selecting players for fantasy teams and then tracking how they perform in real life. If you’re searching for esports betting sites, the best one to start with is As of today, Draftkings is the #1 esports betting site internationally according to, a service that measures the popularity of websites.

And, as with any good online casino or poker site, you can enjoy plenty of cash bonuses at Besides getting started with a $10 free bet when you make a deposit, you’ll also receive a $250 bonus just for signing up. You’ll also need to place a bet of at least $100 before you can request another bonus. After you’ve made a deposit and started making bets, you’ll notice a series of banners located at the top of the page. Simply click on the one that leads to the daily fantasy game you’d like to join. From there, you can choose your team and start competing against other users.

How To Profit From League of Legends Betting

While the previous two games focused mainly on users who want to place bets on their favorite teams, League of Legends is the perfect game for people who want to place bets on individual players. And, thanks to the game’s incredibly rich history, there are a lot of knowledgeable bettors who want to take advantage of all the available odds to bet on the right players.

To start making money from League of Legends betting, you’ll need to visit This website is the biggest sportsbook online, accepting wagers on almost all major sporting occasions. You’ll also need to make a $10 initial bet to get started. Then, you’ll be able to make additional bets within the same account. Just make sure you bet on the right events, as bet365 only accepts wagers on sporting occasions. There’s also a section on the website where you can find the latest odds for virtually all major sporting events. And you can use these odds to place winning wagers. Keep in mind though, the longer the odds, the more likely it is that a bookmaker will try to manipulate your wagers in their favor.

How To Profit From Counter-Strike Betting

Counter-Strike is one of the most popular games in esports and has been around since 2003. It has frequently been voted as the best competitive video game ever made. And, for good reason, as it’s incredibly fun to play and quite easy to get into. But, like any good thing, it has its problems. The biggest issue for esports betting is determining which teams to bet on. There are just so many good ones, and trying to figure out which one to choose can be difficult.

As with any professional sport, you’ll have access to a variety of CSGO betting options. But unlike typical sports betting sites, these sites have extremely high limits. That means you’ll be able to make higher limits than you’d normally be able to at a standard sportsbook. Thanks to this, it’s possible to make a lot of money from Counter-Strike betting. Just look for these high limits when making your bets.

The Ultimate Guide to Make Money From Gaming

Now, if you’ve been looking for an easy way to make money online, you’ve found it. Now, all you have to do is look for the best esports betting sites available and make some strategic wagers. In addition to the sites mentioned above, you can also check out or for similar opportunities.