How to Read College Football Betting Lines Like a Pro

Bettors must know how to read football betting lines properly to maximize their profit potential. There are several “tricks” that experienced bettors use to determine winning teams and individual player performances accurately, which allows them to capitalize on small margins of victory or defeat.

The odds makers at online betting sites are sophisticated creatures that understand human nature. They know that most bettors will probably wager mostly on favorites and thus, they adjust the odds to make money when someone does not realize that a game is indeed fixed. Knowing this, it is essential that you are aware of the “tricks” used by the experts to gain an edge over the casinos and to leave you with a massive payoff should you bet on the underdog.

Consider The Underdog

It is always best to place bets on the underdogs. This is because the odds are usually in favor of the underdog, assuming of course that the game is not fixed. If you are unfamiliar, the term “underdog” refers to a team that is typically considered to be inferior to the opposing team but, for whatever reason, has a chance of winning the game. Most people feel more confident placing bets on underdogs versus favorites, as the underdog has a fighting chance while the favorite knows the game is going to end in a tie.

Know The Line Movement

Although most people will choose to lay low for the first quarter of the game and then go all-in for the last three quarters, this is not the smartest approach. Instead, you should consider using the line movement as a guide to decide when to go all-in. For instance, if the line is moving in the right direction and you have confidence that your team is going to win, it may be a good idea to throw down an early bet and then raise the bet as the game progresses.

Look For Trends

One of the keys to profitable NFL betting is understanding the trends. It is not always best to go against the grain, as sometimes trends can work in your favor. Certain teams and players simply have a tendency to perform better than expected and thus, you may be able to make money off of them. A lot of this has to do with knowing the right trends to follow and being able to choose your line accordingly. Should you decide to follow a particular trend, be sure to raise your bet when the trend becomes apparent and use this opportunity to lock in your profit. For example, if you believe that quarterbacks are underdogs this season, you may want to lay low on some spreads with Derek Carr as your quarterback and raise your bet should they start winning a lot of games.

Don’t Forget About The Noise

Noise is one of the biggest factors that influences sports betting lines. This is because the odds makers typically consider the overall feeling, or the vibe, of the crowd to determine the “true” outcome of a game. When there is a lot of noise in the stadium, it can often times be hard to hear the game, let alone determine the exact score. This can lead to inaccurate lines and, sometimes, big payouts if you are not careful.

Use These Guidelines

When using these tips to read football betting lines, you will certainly see improvement. You will be able to choose your line more accurately and make more money in the long run. Remember, with sports betting, it is all about the strategy and having the confidence that your lines are correct. Being that this is a constantly changing world, and with so many variables at play, sometimes you are going to put your money on a winner and sometimes you are going to lose. But with proper line reading, that loss can be turned into a profitable venture.