How to Set a Three Way Bets Line

Why Are Three Way Bets Lines Popular?

If you’re looking for a way to make some extra money from football then setting up 3 way bets is the perfect way to do so. For those unfamiliar, a three-way bet is when you place a bet on three teams – usually in the same competition – and the prize is shared by the three of you if your teams win. The amount you win is based on the total number of wins your teams achieve. For example, if you bet £10 on Team A, Team B, and Team C and your team wins, then you’ll split the prize equally with your two friends: £5 each.

This makes three-way betting an attractive proposition as you’re essentially placing a bet on two teams – one representing your friend and one representing you – with the hope of making some money. If you win, you can all share the reward, otherwise you’ll need to split the loss.

How Do You Set Up A Three Way Betting Line?

To set up a three way betting line, you need to do the following:

  • Log into your betting account (If you haven’t already done so)
  • Check the rules of your bookmaker regarding three way bets (Some bookmakers may still consider this type of bet to be against the rules, so make sure you check with the company you regularly use)
  • If there’s no problem, proceed to the next step
  • Enter the teams you want to bet on (Use the search bar to find the appropriate teams – for example, enter “Arsenal vs Leicester” into the search bar to find all the matches between Arsenal and Leicester)
  • Choose whether you want to bet on the outcome or the score at the end of each game (If you want to place a wager on the result, choose the former; if you want to lay a wager on the score, choose the latter)
  • If you choose the score, enter the required scores for the chosen matches (Generally, you’ll want to enter the scores manually as they can vary from game to game)
  • Choose whether you want to bet on each individual team or on the entire league (If you want to bet on each team, choose the former; if you want to bet on the entire league, choose the latter)
  • If you want to bet on the entire league, enter the two sets of odds for the chosen teams (You’re generally given the option to enter the teams you want to bet on either as a couple or individually; choose the latter as you’re entering the odds for each team)
  • Check your bet’s status (Most bookmakers will tell you whether or not your bet is accepted – sometimes there can be problems such as unmatched bets or bets placed at too high of a stake)
  • If everything is okay, press the “Place Mybet” button

Once you’ve done all that, your betting account will be updated and you can give it a try. Don’t forget, three way bets are only available for the first two rounds of fixtures in the English football season – after that, the system reverts back to two way bets (generally for the remainder of the season).