How to Set Up AnkhBot in 3 Steps

AnkhBot is a free, open source tool that helps WooCommerce stores build their mailing lists by encouraging potential customers to sign up for their email list. 

In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up AnkhBot for your store in just a few steps. This tutorial assumes you’re familiar with WordPress and WooCommerce. If you’re not, take a few moments to learn those basics.

Step 1: Install AnkhBot

To begin, you will need to install AnkhBot on your store’s server. Head over to the GitHub page for AnkhBot to download and install the latest version of the software. Once that’s done, you can proceed to step two.

Step 2: Configure AnkhBot

Once you’ve installed AnkhBot, you can begin configuring it on your store’s WordPress website. To do that, navigate to the AnkhBot dashboard on your web server and click on the gear icon in the top right corner to access the settings page. 

From here, you can configure how your store’s mailing list will be generated. You can choose to have it automatically generated, invite subscribers to join your store’s mailing list, or have it completely curated by you.

To begin, you should set up your store’s blog to automatically populate its content with compelling posts. Then, you can use the AnkhBot Importer to quickly and easily import your store’s email addresses into the system.

Once that’s done, you can begin configuring how your store’s mailing list will be used. You can use the subscription management tool at the heart of the AnkhBot platform to create and manage your store’s email list. 

Step 3: Test That It’s All Working Properly

When you’re confident that all of your settings are correct, you can test that your store is operational by going to the subscription management tool and going to the emails tab. If you see all your subscribers listed there, you can be sure that everything is configured properly and you can begin driving sales from your store.

To conclude, we’ll discuss a few details about this tutorial. First, remember that you’re free to use AnkhBot for your store; however, you should consider supporting the open source project by becoming a contributor or making a donation.

  • Make sure to save all your work before you log off of WordPress. If you don’t, you could lose all your changes when you log off.
  • When you create a new store using our WooCommerce store generator, you’ll find a download link in the email you receive from us. Save that file on your computer. Then, in WordPress, upload that file to the /wp-content/plugins folder. 
  • If you decide to have your mailing list generated automatically, be sure to have a back-up plan in case anything goes wrong. It’s always best to have multiple forms of back-up.
  • AnkhBot is a free tool, but it doesn’t come with any support. If you need help, you can always search the widely-used community forums for answers.
  • If you followed all of the steps correctly, you should now have an operational email list associated with your store.
  • If you didn’t, please try again. It’s possible you may have skipped a step. If so, please refer to the instructions again.
  • If you’re happy with how your store’s mailing list is functioning, you can go ahead and disable the plugin so it doesn’t eat up any more server resources.
  • WordPress’ plugin system allows you to disable plugins without deleting them. In order to do that, navigate to the /wp-content/plugins folder in your server’s file manager. Open up the plugin directory. Then, find the AnkhBot plugin and click on the Disable button on the top right corner. Finally, remove the AnkhBot plugin from your WordPress installation. When you disabling plugins, you should take the time to also update your WordPress installation’s plugin list to remove the AnkhBot plugin and any other similar plugins you may have installed on your site previously.
  • AnkhBot is a free tool that makes it easy for store owners to create valuable contact lists. If you’re interested in trying it out, you can go to the AnkhBot website and click on the big Get Started button to begin your free trial.