How to Set Up Betting with a Chatbot

Have you ever visited the Betfair website? If so, you’ll know that they are a major online betting company, with over 5.5 million customers globally and billions of pounds worth of bets placed every month. If you’ve never set up betting with a chatbot before, this post will guide you through the process of doing so. It will cover everything from creating an account to placing your first bet – all the way up to recording successful matches and receiving prizes.

Step 1: Create Your Account

Before you start betting with a chatbot, you’ll need to create an account. This is pretty self-explanatory – just follow the steps and choose a username and password that you’ll find easy to remember. Make sure you use a strong password and take some time to write down the answers to security questions so you don’t have to remember them later. After you’ve created your account, you can log in and activate your account. You can do this from any computer with an active internet connection. Don’t worry, this won’t impact your betslip! (If, however, you lose your password, you’ll need to contact customer services to reset it.)

When you first log in, you’ll be asked to verify your email address. Just check your email and click on the activation link that’s in it. You’ll be able to access your account and start placing bets within minutes!

Step 2: Choose A Chatbot To Work With

Now that you’ve got your account set up and verified, you can start creating a list of chatbots that you want to use. You can do this by simply searching for “chatbot” on the Betfair website – the platform will return a list of possible matches for you to choose from. Once you’ve found a suitable chatbot, click on the “+Add to favorites” button to the right of its name to view its full details. This will open up a new tab where you can see all the information about that bot including its stats, FAQs, reviews, and demo videos. Keep checking back to this tab as you’ll see new information as it becomes available. (You can also access this page if you click on the FAQs link in the bot’s details page.)

In the next step, you’ll be prompted to select a language that the chatbot will respond in – this is called the ‘interpreter’ in the parlance of Betfair. If you click on the ‘i’ next to the input field, you’ll see a list of possible answers that the chatbot could provide. Choosing the correct option here will determine the language that the chatbot responds in when it talks to you. In most cases, you don’t need to worry about this as the default option ‘Auto’ should suffice. (If you’re placing a large amount of money on a bet and don’t want to risk being cheated by a chatbot that doesn’t speak your language, then you could opt for a manually controlled chatbot which provides more transparency in the betting process. Just keep in mind that these can be more costly to set up than the ones that use the ‘i’ for input.)

Step 3: Test The Chatbot In Phrase And Image Search

Once you’ve found a suitable chatbot, it’s time for some testing. Just type some keywords in the search box on the top right of the page and click on the ‘Search’ button. With each consecutive click, the website will query the internet for more results and display them in the popup window that slides down from the search box. (If you’re on mobile, you can just tap the search box and the window will slide down.) You’ll see a message at the top of the window letting you know the status of your search – either ‘success’ or ‘no results found’. (In the event of a ‘no results found’ message, it could be because the internet connection is temporarily down or because the person you’re searching for doesn’t use the internet for personal matters. In the latter case, you could try searching for the person by name or finding an alternative route to them via a friend or colleague.)

Once you’ve found the person you’re looking for and confirmed with them that they do indeed use the internet for personal matters, it’s time to put the chatbot to the test by entering some phrases and keywords into the search box. Some examples include:

  • account balance
  • bank details
  • credit card number
  • password
  • SSN / NI number
  • zip / postcode

As you type your search query, you’ll see a small bar at the top of the page update with each new search term. This is the chatbot at work – every time you make a change, the bar will reflect it. A successful search will display results and an empty bar. (Sometimes, the results can be a bit random and it might not be easy to tell whether or not your search was successful – in this case, you can click on the ‘X’ next to the search box to cancel the action.)

Once your search is complete, you’ll see a list of matches at the top of the results page along with a small snippet of text from each one. (The text will be underlined and in bold if it is a successful search.) Just click on any of the matches to see more details and place a bet on the presented game. Remember that you can only place bets on games that are available to be bet on – if the match isn’t applicable to your chosen sport / event, you’ll see a message indicating as much. (This is one of the main differences between regular betting and betting on games. With the former, you’re usually placing bets on outcomes that are tied to sporting events – such as the result of a match. With the latter, you’re placing bets on the outcome of a specific game.)

Step 4: Place Your First Bet

Placing your first bet is a breeze once you’ve confirmed with the person you’re betting with that they do indeed use the internet for personal matters. Just click on the ‘Sports’ tab at the top of the page to jump to the section for the games that you can choose from. Here you’ll see a list of matches that you can bet on. (If you’re on mobile, you’ll see a menu at the top of the page – click on ‘Betting’ to continue to the games tab.)

From here, you can choose which sports you want to bet on and in which event – you’ll see a small drop-down menu at the top of the page. Simply choose one of the options and make your selection by ticking the box next to it. You don’t need to make any additional selections beyond this as the website will do the rest for you based on the chosen options.

On the game page, you’ll see the chosen sport and the event with a small graphic at the top left indicating the number of matches in this event. (The graphic will be accompanied by the word ‘matches’ if it’s a single game or the word ‘Games’ if it’s a multi-game event.) Beneath this will be a section showing all the important stats for the game including the outright winner, the total number of runs that were scored, and the time of day the match is scheduled to take place. (If it’s a televised game, you’ll also see a link to the television channel – if this is the case, be sure to check which time the game is on so you don’t end up watching inappropriate content.)

At this point, you should have an idea of how to set up betting with a chatbot – regardless of whether you chose to use a manually or automatically controlled chatbot. Just remember that if you’re ever dissatisfied with the service, you can request a return within 30 days and receive a full refund of your stake. Just make sure you communicate this to the company in advance so they don’t have to waste time returning your money after the event! (You can also find this information in the FAQs on their website – just click on the ‘Contact Us’ tab at the top of their homepage to view this information.)

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