How to Start an Office Pool

Many of us are fortunate enough to have an office (or perhaps even a dedicated office space) at our workplace. These offices provide us with a place to work, and, for some, they even provide them with the opportunity to work remotely. With pandemic restrictions lifting, more and more of us are looking to take advantage of the opportunity to work from home.

If you’re looking to start an office pool at your workplace, there are a number of considerations you need to make. First, you’ll want to choose an office location that’s comfortable for all parties. Next, you’ll want to decide how you’ll split the costs of the pool. And finally, you’ll want to think about how you’ll manage the expectations of those who will be playing in your pool.

Office Location

The first thing to consider when choosing an office space for an office pool is the location. You’ll want to consider how close it is to the rest of your workplace, as well as the other employees, and whether or not it’s close to the kitchen and/or bathroom. While we all want to work remotely some of us are still going to need to attend meetings and there may be times when we’ll need to go to the bathroom (eew!), so it’s important to have a location that’s suitable for all parties.

Choosing an office space that’s too far from the rest of your workplace can put you at a disadvantage. If you’re traveling a lot (for work or for leisure) then the commute can be tiresome. This is why it’s best to look for an office space that’s close to the rest of your workplace. 


One of the primary considerations when choosing an office space for an office pool is how much you’re willing to spend on it. Just because you have a home office doesn’t mean you should have to spend more on rent than on buying the items needed to set it up. Luckily, with the pandemic, many of us are in the same situation. Home office spaces (which can be quite spacious) can be found for a reasonable cost. This is because many landlords are more likely to allow flexible working during these times due to the lack of demand.

If you’re looking for a dedicated office space, however, then you may have to spend more than you would for a home office. The main consideration here is how much you’re willing to spend. Is it worth it? Are you sure? 

Office Equipment

Another important factor to consider when choosing an office space for an office pool is the equipment. Do you have a computer, a phone, and a printer? If not, then don’t assume that the pool will have those things. You may have to buy them separately.

Many workplaces are providing these devices as part of their employee benefits package, but even those that don’t may be able to provide them for you. It all depends on the size of your budget.


The last but not least factor to consider when choosing an office space for an office pool is the flexibility. Do you have a door? Does the door close completely and are there any blinds? Those who work from home typically need their space to be private and have some amount of flexibility. They don’t want to be disturbed by distracting noises (like the pitter-patter of rain or the tapping of a keyboard) so they need the ability to control the incoming noises.

If you think that the answers to all of the above questions are yes, then your work space has all the makings of an ideal office. Before you commit to making it your official office, take a look at the space from the point-of-view of someone using it. Is it easy to get to? Is the view great? Are the walls sound? Does it have everything you need? If you can give a positive answer to all of these questions, then your new office space will be a very happy place indeed! 

Before you start making plans to turn your home office into your ‘official’ office, however, take a little time to think it through. You’ll want to consider the location, the cost, and the flexibility.