How to Track Your Betting Performance in Casino Games


Online casinos are a big business and hundreds of millions of dollars are placed on the line every year. This is largely promoted by the online casinos themselves through their websites and social media platforms but also due to the fact that they often run online betting competitions with attractive free offers and plenty of lucrative prizes (with many winners taking home a six-figure sum). One of the best platforms around when it comes to reviewing casino games and tracking your betting performance is Let’s take a closer look at how you can use this site to get the most from your casino experience.

Setting Up An Account

Access to is free and registration is quick and simple. Just enter your email address and you’ll be sent a welcome message from the site’s owner, Michael Holm. You’ll then be able to create a username and password and gain full access to the content contained within the site. All you need to do is click the’sign up’ button and you’ll be taken to the login page to enter your details. Setting up an account with is as straightforward as it gets and if you’ve ever used another online casino reviews site, you’ll have no trouble hopping over to to continue your casino experience.

Tracking Performance In Different Games

While it’s great to get a general idea of how you’ve performed in terms of winning and losing throughout your stay at an online casino, this doesn’t provide an adequate reflection of your overall casino experience. This is where the versatility of comes in handy as you can track your performance in terms of winning and losing in different games and features. This can be done through the use of a widget found on the site’s homepage that displays all of the games and features within the casino. You can click on the images to view a full list of available games or click here to view a full list of available games and features.

By default, the games and features will display the results of your recent gameplay. However, you can elect to view gameplay from earlier this year or even last year if you’re feeling nostalgic. For those looking for a fresh start, you can select the option to view results from today or even this very minute. There’s also an option to track results across all platforms (mobile, tablet, and PC) to ensure you’re not missing out on any wins because you weren’t around to play on a certain device. For those who play regularly at an online casino, having the option to easily view performance across all devices is crucial as it means you can continue playing on the go.

Understanding Wagering

Wagering is where the real money is at an online casino as this is where the biggest bets are placed and this is where you’ll find the biggest rewards. However, not all wagering is created equal as you need to be very careful with how you wager at an online casino. For those interested in maximizing their earnings, wagering techniques such as martingale betting and position betting can be used to help ensure successful and continued play. Additionally, a good understanding of the variance of games can be very handy as it allows you to gauge how much you should be playing or placing bets on in relation to the amount of money you have in your account. This prevents you from over or under-betting which can drastically cut down on your losses or gains respectively.

Getting A Free Chip

One of the best things about is that you can get a free chip to play with. Just click on the “get free chip” link located under the widget on the homepage and you’ll be prompted to make a selection regarding the type of chip you’d like to claim. There are three options here: 1) Play with no risk; 2) Play with partial risk; 3) Play with all cards revealed. When selecting the second option, you’ll be presented with an introduction to conditional betting as this is what the online casinos use to determine whether or not you’ll receive your winnings. This introduction is highly recommended as it will give you a better understanding of the concept behind conditional betting and how it works in practice.

Additional Resources

Along with learning how to use, you’ll also find some additional resources that can be very handy. These include videos teaching you different betting strategies as well as FAQs (frequently asked questions) regarding conditional betting. In addition to this, you can access an online casino glossary which defines over 30 commonly-used terms related to gambling. This is an essential tool for anyone playing at an online casino as it means you’ll never be at the mercy of a stranger when it comes to understanding the language used within the industry.

If you’ve been searching for an online casino reviews website that can help you maximize your enjoyment of gaming then you’ve come to the right place. Created by a former professional poker player, Michael Holm, is the best source of information related to online casinos that you’ll find and it’s all 100% free. Just remember to take your time and sign up using our referral link so we can both get some rewards 🙂