How to Use Coral 10 Casino & Bet365 MATCHED BETS

The UK’s favourite online casino site, Coral, has just launched their new MATCHED BETS loyalty programme. It’s perfect for the sports fan in your life who loves a good bet but hates wasting time at the books, and wants to know what the best odds are for their favourite events. With this new loyalty programme, there will be no more missed promotions or misplaced loyalty points because you were too busy playing slots or blackjack. You’ll know exactly where you stand with the MATCHED BETS programme when you check your account.


Simply put, MATCHED BETS is when you combine your Coral account with your Bet365 account. When you do this, you’ll see all the offers from both of the sites in one place. Notifications will be sent to both your devices when there’s an update, and it’s easy to keep track of all your favourite offers and bets. The name MATCHED BETS simply stands for ‘Matched Betting’ which is when you place two or more sports bets of the same size at the same time. When this happens, you will get your money back plus some interest. This is called ‘matched betting’ and is usually accepted in almost all sports bookies across the world.

For example, you’ve got Arsenal vs Chelsea and you’ve got a 5 goal (or more) favourite to win. You could place a £10 bet on both teams to create a perfect £20 win bet. Not only will you get your £10 back plus 10% interest, but you’ll also make a £10 profit – this is called a ‘triple bet’.

MATCHED BETS is one of the most lucrative aspects of the programme. Not only will you get your money back plus interest, but you will also earn a healthy profit from the same bet. If you’re a fan of either of the teams participating in the bet, you’ll be glad to know that your loyalty is being recognised and that you’re being given the opportunity to place large bets with ease.

How to Use Coral Account & Bet365 Account Together

You’ll want to do this quickly and easily as you’ll be able to take full advantage of the matched betting opportunities. To get started, login to either your Coral account or your Bet365 account. If you’ve got a lot of experience in tennis, for example, then log into your tennis account first, and then link your bank accounts. You’ll then be able to log into your golf account and link your bank accounts. When you’ve linked your accounts, you’ll see the option to ‘MATCHED BETS’ on the top of the dashboard. From here, you can select the events you want to bet on, the currencies in which you want to make your bets and how you want to bet – via a mobile device, tablet or computer.

Why You Might Want To Link Your Accounts

There’s a lot of reasons why you might want to link your accounts, but primarily, it’s so you can take advantage of the lucrative matched betting options when you combine your accounts. If you receive money or winnings from one source and want to spend it on betting, you’ll need to remember to cancel the previous transaction as the banks have a ‘maximum withdrawal’ rule. Linking your accounts means you don’t have to worry about this limit being reached as all of your funds will be accessible via one account.

For example, if you are funded by a winning bet from a casino site and you want to continue betting at a bookmaker’s site, you’ll have to log into your casino account and manually add the winnings to your bookmaker account. This is a cumbersome process and takes time out of your day. Linking accounts makes this process simple and quick as all of the money will be added to your linked account and you will not have to worry about the limit being reached. You can then log into your bookmaker account and start placing bets with ease.

What Type Of Account Do You Need To Sign Up For?

This will depend on your personal preferences for the site you’re using, but generally, you’ll want to create an account at a reputable site that accepts UK players. It’s also a good idea to sign up with a casino that has a good reputation for paying out winnings promptly. Creating an account at a safe and secure site is also essential as you’ll be sending personal and financial information to the site. Be sure to keep all these things in mind as you’re creating your account.

Creating Your Account

When you create your account, you’ll have the opportunity to choose a username and password. Make sure to choose something that will be easy for you to remember as you’ll be using this information frequently. You’ll also be required to provide a valid email address as well as a piece of identification. This might be something as simple as a driving licence or passport. Remember to keep all of this information safe and secure as you’ll be asked for it frequently when logging into your account.

Setting Up Mobile Notifications

This new feature is definitely a ‘must’ if you’re a mobile device user. It’ll notify you when there’s an update to the offers or when there’s an opportunity to place a MATCHED BETS bet. Simply go to your Settings and choose the ‘Notifications’ option. From here, you’ll see all the offers that are relevant to you. You’ll also be able to set up alerts for when you’ve won or lost large sums of money at the casino. It’s a great feature and will make tracking your account much easier. Especially if you’re playing on a mobile device, these alerts will come in quite handy.

Why Should You Use A VPN With Your Accounts?

A VPN is an acronym for ‘Virtual Private Network’, which connects you to a private network via a public network. This way, you can browse the internet privately and securely. While there’s nothing wrong with the great British internet, sometimes it can feel a little bit ‘hackable’ especially if you’re not using a VPN when you are on public Wi-Fi. This is why it’s important to use a VPN when you’re connecting to public networks such as Wi-Fi at a café or airport. It’s also a good idea to use a VPN on your computer or mobile device when you’re playing online games as many online casinos use security software that tries to stop ‘rogue’ sites operating from appearing on their homepage. A VPN makes this process much harder for these companies, and gives you the confidence that your personal and financial information will be kept private.

What Are The Most Popular Currencies For MATCHED BETS?

One of the great things about MATCHED BETS is that you can use any two or more of the major currencies for your bets. There’s no specific rules or regulations regarding which currencies can be used in combination, so long as the sites you’re using are regulated and of good standing. This is a huge advantage as there are a lot of options when it comes to currencies and many sports fans across the world rely on these different currencies to maximise their earnings.

Can You Place Bets On Certain Sports?

Yes, you can place bets on virtually any sporting event. The only restrictions are either that the odds have to be in a certain direction, or that the total number of selections you’re allowed to make has to be a certain amount. This amount will be dependent on your account balance, and the more you’ve got the more you can do. Additionally, there are some restrictions regarding which sports you can bet on because certain bookmakers don’t want to offer odds on certain events. If you want to bet on those events, you’ll have to find a different bookmaker. This way, you don’t have to worry about the odds being in the wrong direction or about one site not offering certain sports.