How to Use Spelunky Betting Tool

There’s more than one way to win at spelunky! One of the simplest and most enjoyable methods is to simply wager on the game’s famous golden apples. The catch is that you have to be able to accurately predict how many apples the game’s random number generator will spit out. Fortunately for you, we’ve got exactly what you need to place winning wagers on the games of your choice.

Best Android Apps for Spelunky Betting

Since we know how much you love placing winning wagers on spelunky, let’s start by addressing your best options for Android betting apps. There are several solid choices when it comes to supporting the mobile version of the game including the Google Play store’s Spelunky game and the Humble Store’s Spelunky edition. You can also grab the unofficial Spelunky iOS app which is full of bugs but still functional enough to use for betting. The bottom line is that you can’t go wrong with any of these options.

The Basics of Spelunky Betting

The mechanics of spelunky betting are basically the same as those of traditional sports betting. You make a wager, place some limits on that wager, and then wait for the outcome. The catch with spelunky betting is that you have to keep an eye on the game’s progress as it happens. This means you might have to stay up until all hours in order to catch all the action or download the game’s replay to watch the action later. It’s all about maximizing your odds of winning.

Where to Place Your Spelunky Bet

When it comes to spelunky betting, the most important thing to consider is where you place your wager. Since the game’s random number generator is the ultimate crapshoot, you have to place your wagers somewhere where you think they’re most likely to come through. In general, it’s best to avoid betting on the game’s beginning stages since a new game’s sequence begins each time you boot the game up. This is especially true if you’re planning on using autoplay which kicks in whenever you turn the game’s volume up. You also don’t want to wager on the game’s ending stages either since the outcome of the game is already known at this point. The good news is that each stage of spelunky offers its own unique opportunities for profitable wagering.

Watch Out for Phishing Scams

One of the biggest challenges for new users is falling for phishing scams. If you receive an email promising you free money if you click a link and provide your username and password, it’s probably a scam. Avoid these kinds of emails and only engage with businesses you know and trust. Check out the Better Business Bureau for more information on how to spot a scammer.

Use These Common Sense Tips

Even though there are several legitimate betting options available for Android and iOS users, it’s still easy for scammers to pull off these types of schemes. If you know how to avoid being tempted by these kinds of offers, you’re already farther ahead than most people. Here are a few tips to keep your wagering experience as safe as possible: