How to Win, Betting the Field in Craps

Here is a basic guide on how to play craps, betting the craps field instead of just the pass line as most games require.

Set Up

Before you start playing, you need to set up the game. Typically, you will want to use two 5×5 craps tables, one for the player games and one for the teaser games. For each game, the dealer will want to sit on the player’s side of the table, while the player will want to sit on the opposite side. If you are playing online, make sure that you are registered with the site and logged in. Setting up a proper craps table takes some time, but it is a lot of fun to do so once you get the hang of it. You can get a quality craps table for under $200, which makes it very affordable if you want to get into the habit of playing craps regularly.

Shoot The Dice

Each player will need to handle their own dice, since they are too large to go around the table. You can get custom dice that are specially designed for craps, with different numbers on each of the faces to make it more convenient for the player to keep track of their rolls and score. Shooting the dice is simply a matter of throwing them so they bounce around the table three times, then the player will need to read the faces to determine the outcome and score. You can also get dice that are magnetized so they stick to the surface they land on, making it easier for the player to keep track of their rolls and score. With the right tools and equipment, this task can be made a lot easier. Just make sure that the surface you are throwing them on is large enough to accommodate the number of players and that it is level, otherwise you might hurt yourself when throwing the dice.

Place Your Bets

Once you have your dice in hand, you can move on to placing your bets. Before the start of each roll, each player will decide whether they will place a bet or not, based on the outcome of the previous roll. This is called ante betting, and it adds a little something extra to the game. If the previous roll was a winning throw, the player will want to continue betting and hoping for more wins. Conversely, if the previous roll was a loss, the player will want to lower their bets and wait for a better opportunity to place a wager.

Scoring In Craps

Once the dice have been thrown and the bets are placed, the outcomes will be determined and the results will be posted on a chalkboard below the table. The winning combinations are tallied up and the scores will be posted below the results of each roll. To keep things neat and tidy, a typical craps game will only have two teams, with each team getting one point for a win and zero points for a loss. This is how you determine the winner of the game. Some casinos will even let you keep track of your scores on a leaderboard or compare them to other players online. This is an easy way to keep score while having some fun with friends.

Playing craps is a great way to while away the hours, as it is a very relaxing and meditative game. You do not require a lot of strategy, as long as you know which numbers to bet on, how to roll the dice and where to place your bets. There are a few basic rules that you need to learn, which can be easily mastered. Once you know what they are, you will not want to play any other type of game. This is especially true if you are playing online, as there are many different varieties of games that you can choose from, all with varying levels of strategy and chance. This is why it is important to practice, so that you can become good at a specific kind of game, before venturing out to play in real life.