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Valve has announced some big news – the company has finally decided to give the Steam platform its much-deserved comeuppance, and has brought forth a brand new operating system: the Linux-based open-source SteamOS.

The open-source software is designed to be lightweight and fast, performing almost identically to mobile phone operating systems. This has made it the perfect operating system for non-PC devices such as the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Meanwhile, it also marks the end of an era for PC gaming, as the platform has now been relegated to the role of being a simple tool used to run software installed on devices such as the PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch – and not a fully-fledged gaming machine in its own right.

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Let’s take a step back for a second and examine the state of PC gaming. Despite console games providing an increasingly viable alternative, PC games are still the backbone of the industry. It’s fair to say that without them, many of today’s consoles would simply not exist.

There is, however, one huge problem standing in the way of PC gaming – the difficulty of acquiring games. While it’s relatively easy to buy a game for your console, finding a suitable PC game can be more difficult. Even then, you don’t necessarily know how well the game will perform until you’ve actually booted it up and started playing.

This makes trying out new games somewhat of a chore, as you often need to invest lots of time and effort into finding out whether or not the game is worth playing – and if it is, whether or not you’ll be able to enjoy it.

Why Are PC Games Getting Harder To Come By?

The simple answer is that games are becoming more sophisticated. Back in the day, games were often nothing more than a series of brightly-colored pixels on a television screen. While the graphics certainly improved over time, the games themselves rarely evolved to keep up.

In more recent years, however, game developers have started to take advantage of increased processing power to incorporate more sophisticated gameplay.

This is evident in games like Overwatch, where the complex combination of strategy, shooting, and team-play make for a deeply immersive gaming experience.

On top of that, many PC games now support various types of enhancements and input devices, such as the mouse and keyboard, which provide an unprecedented challenge to gameplay.

This, in turn, has made trying out new games a fun experience, as you’ll often encounter a learning curve and gameplay that is genuinely innovative.

The Rise Of Console Gaming

Despite this, it’s fair to say that PC gaming isn’t going anywhere – at least not anytime soon. The hardware required to power PC games is still incredibly affordable, and while there are certainly more expensive gaming PCs out there, they are still relatively cheap compared to other computing devices. Furthermore, a large number of PC games still rely on outdated software and hardware that is easily accessible and affordable.

This, in turn, provides PC gamers with a unique perspective on the market, seeing as so many casual games still make use of old technology – and it provides a steady stream of revenue, as someone is still playing those games everyday.

The Future Of PC Gaming

As exciting as the future of PC gaming holds, it doesn’t end there. Valve have unveiled an exciting new project that aims to blend the best elements of PC and console gaming into one unified device. Dubbed the Steam Deck, the concept behind the device is to have it function as both a PC and a console, while also providing the flexibility to transform into a tablet or a touch-screen display – depending on how you choose to use it.

Valve have also designed the Steam Deck to be easy to use and accessible for everyone – regardless of whether or not you’re experienced with technology. The company believes that everyone should, at least, have the opportunity to play games – and they want to make sure that no one is excluded due to lack of familiarity with technology.

While we wait for more information on the Steam Deck, let’s enjoy some PC classics that are still available on the platform.