How to Win on Sports Betting – A Step-by-Step Guide

The 2019 World Cup is now underway, and fans around the world are keeping tabs on the matches and the exciting tournaments through various digital platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

Traditional sports fans who follow their favorite teams across different sports can now get their fix of world-class football, rugby, and other sports as well. Through an online sports betting site called William Hill UK, they can place bets on their favourite teams and players, and win or lose depending on how things turn out.

The Basics Of Online Sports Betting

To win big on sports betting, you need to understand the rules and regulations first. If you’re a first-time sports bettor, it’s important to note that each sport and each country has different betting rules and regulations. Some sports don’t allow you to bet on certain events, and vice versa.

International Rules And Regulations

All the sports have international rules and regulations that determine the types of bets you can make and how you have to place them. In most cases, you can’t place bets for teams in different countries. There are also limits on how much you can wager per day and per year. Find out which ones apply to you before you start placing your bets.

Which Bets Are Accepted?

As a general rule, you can only bet on the match outcomes (winning or losing). You can’t bet on the score (e.g. 1-3 or 3-1) because the score doesn’t matter in determining the winner. You can also bet on a player’s performance (e.g. Player X to score a hat trick) or a team’s performance (e.g. Team Y to win by a large margin).

The Odds And Rewards

When you make a wager on a sporting event, you’re usually placing a bet on the over / under the point spread (i.e. the total points scored by the two teams measured from a single game). For example, if you think that Brazil will win the World Cup, you can stake £100 on their winning the tournament by making a bet of £150 (i.e. a bet of £100 on Brazil to win the tournament and a bet of £50 on under performance from the hosts).

The odds of each team winning are generally available from the bookmakers, so you know what you’re getting into before you make a bet.

The Money Management

As the name suggests, online sportsbooks handle your bets and payments for you, which means you don’t need to keep track of the money (winnings/losses). It’s generally a good idea to set a limit on the amount of money you’re willing to lose. Being overly frugal with your bets is an anti-social and risky move that can land you in trouble (remember, you’re betting with other people’s money).

Which Leagues Do I Track?

You don’t need to follow sports to be able to place bets on them. All you need is an internet connection, a mobile device, or a PC with a browser such as Chrome or Firefox. You can search for the sport you want to bet on, followed by “fantasy football” to find the leagues you need to track.

Depending on where you live, you might want to track a few different sports. If you live in a country that limits the types of bets you can make (e.g. England), you might want to avoid betting on sports that are not available in your country.

Keep Track Of Your Bets

It’s important to keep track of your bets (especially if you are wondering how much money you’ve won/lost over the years) because you can’t take a fancy number for your winnings and losses. When you reach certain betting limits (e.g. £5,000 per week in England), the bookmakers will stop you from making any further wagers on that account.

Place Your Bets Using A Spreadsheet

Keeping track of your bets by hand is both unreliable and time-consuming, so it’s best to do it using a spreadsheet. You can open up a fancy spreadsheet (it’s free to download from the App Store or Google Play Store) and enter all your bets for the current season and past seasons.

When you have all your bets entered in a spreadsheet, it’s easy to see how much (if any) money you’ve won and lost on each sport. You can also look up team records (statistics) to see how they did last year and compare it to this year’s performance to see if there’s any pattern to their tournament finish. These statistics can help you figure out if there’s any chance of you winning big or just making small winnings.

If you think a specific team or player will score a lot of goals this year (and have good odds of winning), you can place a bet on that event and hopes for big losses.

Useful Tips

There are some tips that will help you win big on sports. If you follow them, you can be sure that you’ll have a good time while playing the sport.

Don’t Bet On Unlucky Teams

If you decide to play the sport, it’s essential to stick with the teams that are favored to win. Otherwise, you’ll just continuing to lose money and it’s best to stop there.

Use Proper Signals

There’s an art to picking winning numbers that don’t cost you money, but instead, make you win big. Some people love to play the game for fun, while others love to win big, so it’s important to look for signals that can help you pick winning numbers.

With fancy numbers, you don’t need to rely on the odds given by the bookmakers because you’re playing with computer generated numbers, so you can always find a good bet to place. You just need to find the right numbers to bet on. If you have a decent feel for the sport and fancy numbers, you’ll be able to win big time.