How to Win Sports Betting at Bovada

Bovada is a popular sports betting website that accepts wagers from US players. The vast majority of sportsbooks maintain a reputation for fairness and integrity, and are regulated by the government or, at least, by an outside governing body. That is a positive factor when you are considering placing a wager.

Here is how to win at Bovada:

Make Sure You Read All Of The Terms

If you join the Bovada sportsbook, you will inevitably be presented with a massive pile of documents that you must agree to before you can place a wager. Most of these documents are legalese, and even those that aren’t will still make you scratch your head, wondering exactly what they mean. Don’t worry – just read them all. It won’t take long.

Then, when you’re ready to wager, simply find the section that pertains to you, and hit the “I agree” button to accept the terms. You can also find these documents on the Bovada website, in case you need to refer back to them.

Use Betting Systems

One of the best things about Bovada is that they allow you to create and use betting systems. A betting system is a way of organizing or re-arranging the odds in your favor. For example, if you are getting odds of 4:1 on a horse race, but you know that horse races usually end in a draw, you can create a betting system that gives you an edge and creates confidence in your wager.

Betting systems can be extremely useful, but they can also cause trouble. If you are utilizing a betting system and it produces results that seem too good to be true, it could indicate that you are being fooled. For this reason, it is essential that you keep an open mind when using betting systems and that you always use them with extreme caution.

Place Smaller Wagers

Bovada is a sportsbook that accepts wagers from small to large players. Even though they are open to everyone, the majority of their traffic comes from high rollers, who place massive wagers. If you want to beat the house and win big at Bovada, it is recommended that you place smaller wagers, preferably between $10 and $100. When you win or lose a bet of this size, it has a greater impact on your bankroll and can be less subject to the whims of fate. Even if you manage to beat the system at its own game, you will still lose money if the result of the game is a tie.

Diversify Your Wagers

You never know when you might bet on a game and lose. When this happens, it is usually because you had placed all of your money on one or two bets and the result was a complete disaster. To avoid this, it is advisable that you spread your bets amongst a number of games and odds. This will give you a better chance of coming out on top, because even the slightest advantage can add up to serious money in the long run.

For example, let’s say you are a diehard fan of the Dallas Cowboys and you had followed their season extremely closely. You had been waiting for months for Jerry Jones’ franchise to finally turn the corner and start winning games. You had followed all of the pre-season predictions and odds, and were really feeling confident about the upcoming NFL season. Then, the final preseason game ended in a heart-breaking loss, confirming what many had already guessed – that Jones’ squad would still be one of the league’s worst teams.

This was such a traumatizing event that you decided to take a long break from betting on sports. When you finally decided to come back and place a bet on the NFL, you remembered all of the trauma that the Cowboys’ loss had caused you, and so you looked for other games, other odds and other teams to bet on. In this way, you could at least have a chance at winning back some of what you had lost – especially since you had bet on the underdogs in some of those games. What if the Dolphins had beaten the Patriots in the first game of the season? Would you have felt good about betting on them in the second game? Even if you did win, you would still have lost money on the Patriots, because the point spread in their favor made it impossible for you to win.

Place The Right Amount Of Wagers

As a general rule, it is recommended that you place only what you can afford to lose. Many professional bettors advise against risking more than you can afford to lose, because if you do end up losing, you’ll feel terrible about yourself, your bankroll will be destroyed, and you’ll have to start over again. This is precisely why it is recommended that you place smaller wagers, because this way you can risk less. You will still have a chance to win, but the possibility of you losing everything is drastically reduced.

For example, let’s say that you had $100 to risk on a single wager. You visit a sportsbook and discover that the favorite in a certain matchup has odds of 4:1, while the underdog has odds of 7:1. If you know that you are not good at risking large sums of money, but you still want to beat the odds and win, you could place a $10 wager on the underdog and a $90 wager on the favorite. Even if the odds are slightly in favor of the favorite, you will at least come out ahead because you had bet on the underdog. The same logic applies if you’re a huge Giants fan and you stumble upon a game where the favorite has odds of 7:1; in this case, you could place a $100 wager on them and be assured of winning, because you had bet on the underdogs in their previous game (assuming it was close – which it usually is).

The key thing to keep in mind is that if you do follow these tips, you will surely start winning at Bovada. It’s that simple. You’re doing everything right, and all you need is some good luck. Then, maybe one day, you’ll look back and remember this article and feel a little bit better about all that winning and losing.