How to Win at Sports Betting

The sporting world has switched to the digital sphere and embraced technology like never before, leading to a more interactive fan experience and a deeper connection with players, coaches, and fans.

Thanks to the proliferation of smartphones, tablets, and the Internet, fans can now stay connected to their favorite teams and players even when they are away from a television set. Thanks to live-streaming platforms like Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube, fans can keep tabs on their favorite players even when they are hundreds or thousands of miles away. And as streaming content becomes more accessible, fans can access all the content they need to follow their favorite teams and players without having to subscribe to a specific sports channel.

This new generation of tech-savvy fans is now armed with the tools to engage with sports teams and players in a whole new way, putting an entire new spin on sports betting and the fan experience.

Increased Opportunities For Fans

Thanks to new technologies that bring fans closer to the action, fans can now get involved in the game even when they aren’t in front of a television set. If you’re a baseball fan, you’ve probably found yourself longing for the days when you could go to a game and walk around and actually participate in the action rather than just sit in the stands and take it all in from a different perspective. Thankfully, thanks to initiatives like BallerBlock and Cutty’s Sports Bar, fans can now do exactly that!

BallerBlock is a sports bar in Los Angeles that opened its doors in 2015 and offers fans the ability to score tickets to games, watch games on giant screens, and interact with players during selected events. The venue’s goal is to bring fans as close to the action as possible while still keeping things affordable, and they’ve definitely achieved that goal. The bar offers a full menu of typical bar food like nachos and popcorn, but they also offer stadium-style food like hot dogs and turkey sandwiches, as well as more exotic options like lobster and crab cakes, all at pretty decent prices.

Cutty’s Sports Bar, on the other hand, is a sports bar in Atlanta that was founded in 1906 and offers fans an opportunity to get involved in the game even when they are not in the city. Just like BallerBlock, Cutty’s Sports Bar offers affordable luxury for sports fans with seats in the stands, but unlike BallerBlock, Cutty’s also offers a fully-fledged menu of food and drink options, as well as a place for fans to congregate and meet other like-minded individuals. In addition to all of this, Cutty’s offers a full-service bar that guests can enjoy while watching a game. And if all of this isn’t enough, Cutty’s also offers a lottery where fans can win complimentary admission to games and other prizes.

These are just two examples of how new technologies are enabling fans to have a closer connection with their favorite teams and players even when they are not in the same place. Thanks to initiatives like these bars, along with others like Groupon and other ticket rebate programs, fans no longer need to be restricted to just the seats behind home plate.

More Engagement From Players

The technology behind these bars and platforms enables fans to engage with their favorite teams and players in new ways while still feeling like they are “closing a deal” with a brick-and-mortar club.

Take Ticketmaster, for example, which connects fans with events and gives them access to purchase tickets in a safe and secure manner. When users purchase tickets through Ticketmaster, they have the option of getting them re-printed in an event date and time, or picking their seats at will. And since the seats will be assigned when the orders are processed, the user experience is highly personalized and offers increased convenience. In addition, fans can continue to follow the game even after the event has ended thanks to the Internet and digital devices.

Or take Square Stadium, the mobile ticketing platform created by the San Francisco company Fanatics. Launched in 2015, Square Stadium is the perfect tool for sports fans who want to follow their favorite teams and players wherever they go, using their smartphone as a portal to all the relevant information. And though the platform’s design is minimal, it doesn’t curb its functionality; as the name suggests, Square Stadium allows fans to take the field with their favorite teams and players, as well as offering access to exclusive content and bonus material related to the sport they love.

These platforms are ensuring that fans stay connected to the game even when they are not physically in the same place, enabling them to be a part of the action even when they are thousands of miles away. It’s safe to say that the line between sports and technology is blurring, and these platforms are enabling fans to experience sports in a whole new way.

Enhanced Social Element

These platforms are also enabling fans to socialize with each other and become a part of a dynamic community, not just within the world of sports, but across social media.

Take, for example, the Los Angeles Rams, whose social media accounts are frequently filled with engaging content. This team knows how important it is to have a connection with their fans and use various platforms to engage with them, including Twitter and Instagram. Thanks to the Rams’ active social media presence, their fans feel like they know the team and can have conversation with them even when they don’t follow each other on social media.

The San Diego Padres, meanwhile, have used Bingo to allow their fans to play along with the team while also engaging with other users. To celebrate the one-of-a-kind Bingo Challenge Cup, which was the winningest sports event of all time, the Padres put together a fun puzzle that encouraged fans to come together and solve puzzles involving the players and teams they follow.

These examples illustrate how new technologies are enabling fans to have a closer connection with their favorite teams and players, as well as providing them with increased opportunities to engage with other users and have a bigger impact.

Thanks to initiatives like these, as well as the rising popularity of video games like NBA 2K and MLB The Show, fans will have more ways than ever to engage with teams and players. From accessing content to purchasing tickets to having the ability to participate in the game, these platforms are making sports an entire new experience for fans.