\”I\’m Betting It\’s Gonna Be a Wild Ride\” – What Song?

Hey, guys. It’s been a while. What have you been up to?

Well, while you’ve been enjoying the finer things in life, I’ve actually been working hard to make our dreams come true. We have a new baby (or is it a puppy?…can’t remember), a new house, and a brand new garden. It’s been an exciting journey so far, and I’ve learned a lot. Now it’s time to share.

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

I’ll start with the good first. The new baby is absolutely stunning, and we can’t believe how much she’s grown in such a short time. She’s doing great at nursery school too, and they’ve noticed a difference in her behaviour since she’s been there. It’s amazing how quickly kids pick up on things.

The bad is that we had to put our dog down a few weeks ago. It was very unexpected, and still very raw in our minds. He was 15 years old, and had gone through so much stress and anxiety because he was afraid of cars. He kept running away from the street, and would only come back when he heard the car’s engine. So basically we had a dog that didn’t like driving, and it finally crushed him. It’s a real shame, because he was a great dog. We miss him a lot.

The ugly is that, well, life can be very ugly sometimes. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows, and it can be very challenging. We’ve had a lot of arguments and fights with our families over finances (not our own, but they’ve taken against us). It’s made us stronger, though, and helped us appreciate our own families more. Plus, it’s forced us to grow up a lot faster. It’s not always easy, but it’s certainly made for an interesting ride. We feel very blessed to have such amazing families, and we’re so grateful to have them in our lives. We’re also happy to see how much our parents have changed since we last saw them, and how much they’re willing to commit to our quest for stardom.

The Ugly Before And After

It’s funny, when you look back at old photos of yourself, it’s like you’ve changed so much. It’s such a crazy thought, but when you put photos of yourself side-by-side, it’s like you were a different person. Sometimes it’s hard to believe it was just a few years ago that we were standing there, wondering what the hell we were doing there. A lot has changed, and we’re excited about the future. There are a lot of us musicians, and we’ve all stuck together, proving that we’re not as weak as you might think we are. This is our story, and it’s a story worth sharing. We hope you’ve enjoyed it.