If You Were a Betting Man, What Would You Care to Lose?

In early June 2014, the English Premier League kicked-off with a new form of esports betting – Mobile esports betting. But, while the concept behind mobile betting is great, the execution can be pretty lacking. In this blog post, we will talk you through the intricacies of mobile betting, including whether it’s worth your time and money and whether you should bother trying it out. So, let’s get to it.

Why Mobile Betting?

Mobile esports betting is a relatively recent entrant to the esports scene, having only recently been approved and introduced into the UK. The mobile betting industry is still in its infancy, with many of the big-name brands only just now entering the mobile space. What’s important is that mobile esports betting represents the future of esports betting, as people are constantly connected to their phones wherever they go.

Mobile esports betting provides a more convenient and accessible experience for fans. You can place bets from anywhere – even if you are in the middle of a crowded city street or at the top of a mountain – and the software will track your bets for you so you don’t have to keep checking a scorebook or relying on memory. It also means you can place bets 24/7, as long as you have a data connection, which many people around the world can and do. This is important, because being constantly connected allows you to place bets whenever you want – even if it’s just for a few seconds while you’re checking the scores – without needing to worry about missing out on any action.

What’s more, many mobile esports betting platforms allow for more than one bet to be placed on the same event, meaning you don’t have to place multiple bets in order to make the most of it. On top of that, mobile betting provides more flexibility, as you can use your device to browse profiles and watch videos of the players you’re interested in following. It also means you can quickly find the results you’re looking for, as everything from match outcomes to video highlights are easily accessible via a handy search function.

What Are The Major Challenges Facing Mobile Esports Betting?

Despite all the advantages listed above, mobile esports betting doesn’t come without some significant barriers. First, as with any new form of entertainment, there are simply more questions than there are answers when it comes to mobile betting. The UK Gambling Commission has made it clear that they don’t currently recognise mobile esports betting as a form of gambling, but given how new this technology is, there’s still a lot of uncertainty around what is and isn’t allowed under UK law. The same applies to a number of other countries, meaning that international players must contend with a patchwork of differing regulations across different markets.

Another issue is that while the vast majority of mobile betting providers are based in Europe (with the UK having the most established market), a large number of esports titles are still popular in North America, meaning that any American player looking to make a bet must do so via a proxy server – or risk being banned by US gambling regulators.

Last but not least, mobile esports betting is still a minor facet of the overall industry. According to the NPD group, around 15.3 million Brits played games on their phones in 2014, compared to around 12.2 million who played on PCs. It’s a similar story in the United States, with 58.5 million Americans playing on their phone and only 49.4 million playing on a PC. As a result, smaller stakes and less liquidity are generally the order of the day when it comes to mobile betting, compared to the big-name esports titles, which offer richer rewards and larger pots.

Is Mobile Betting Worth Your Time And Money?

It’s important to remember that, just because a product is new and promising, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily going to be a better product than what you might already be using. In the case of mobile betting, it’s certainly a step forward in terms of convenience and accessibility, but is it worth paying additional fees for the privilege?

To answer this question, let’s look at the different options available to anyone who is interested in mobile betting. Currently, there are two main options:

  • Betfair
  • Pinnacle


If you’re new to esports betting, it’s highly recommended that you start out with Betfair. Not only do they offer a no-fee market, but they also give you a free bet every week. If you meet the criteria for depositing and using a voucher code, this is an offer worth taking advantage of.

On the other hand, if you’re an experienced esports gambler who just happens to be new to mobile betting, Pinnacle might be the right choice for you. Not only do they offer a generous 300% bonus on your first three deposits, but they also allow you to place multiple bets, which is something you can’t do on the other networks. Plus, Pinnacle’s mobile apps are completely free, while Betfair’s aren’t – not even the basic version is.

What’s more, if you’re a Pinnacle customer, you already have one of the biggest bonus slates in the entire industry. You don’t need to make a deposit to create a bonus account, as they will give you 300% on your initial deposit plus another 100% on your first three deposits. There’s also the option for an additional 200% match bonus on your first three deposits, plus an extra 100% bonus on subsequent deposits.

Based on the information we have, it seems that Pinnacle is the clear choice for anyone who is interested in mobile betting. They also allow for more flexibility, with the option of placing multiple bets on the same event, which isn’t something you can do on the other networks – at least not without incurring additional fees.

Is It Worth Bothering Trying Out Mobile Betting?

It’s always good practice to try out new and emerging products or services before making a commitment to them. While mobile betting is still a relatively new addition to the esports scene, it’s definitely something to keep an eye on. It provides fans with a more convenient way to follow their favorite players and teams, but it’s still up in the air as to whether or not this is actually good for the long-term growth of esports as a whole.

To summarize, mobile betting is a relatively new form of esports betting, which provides fans with a better way to follow their favorite teams and players. While it’s still relatively new, a lot of uncertainty surrounding its legal status across different markets continues to make it a bit of a risky investment. However, if you’re a fan of esports and/or mobile games, it might be worth keeping an eye on this sector – especially as more and more major brands begin to enter the space.