If You Were Betting This Wild Card Weekend Who Would You Pick?

Many people love watching sports – especially watching other people play sports. But for those who love betting, there is more than one type of sporting event that they can invest in. One of the biggest games taking place this weekend is the College Football Playoff (CFP) Championship between the University of Georgia (UGA) and the University of Notre Dame. If you are looking to place a bet on this year’s bowl games, then you have come to the right place! In this article, we will give you some recommendations on who to bet on and why so that you can maximize your profits while wishing everyone good luck this weekend!

The University of Georgia Bulldogs

When it comes to betting on college football, there are a few teams that you can’t miss. The first and most popular team to look out for is the University of Georgia Bulldogs. They are one of the premier teams in the country and have been for a while. They always seem to make a splash when they play, and this year will be no exception. Last year, they blew people away with their comeback against the University of Alabama Crimson Tide. They shocked many people when they rallied from a 14-0 first-quarter deficit to defeat their long-time rival 17-14 in the very next game. Many consider this year’s squad to be one of the best ever.

The University of Alabama Crimson Tide

The University of Alabama Crimson Tide is one of the most popular teams to bet on when it comes to the College Football Playoff. Like the Bulldogs, they are another school that always manages to surprise people with their performances. However, unlike UGA, the Tide have been remarkably consistent in their success. They have only missed the playoffs a couple of times in the past decade. The quarterback for the Tide is Tua Tagovailoa, and if you’ve ever seen him play, you know exactly why he has been so effective.

Tennessee Titans vs. Houston Texans

The battle for the AFC South will be played out this weekend with the Tennessee Titans hosting the Houston Texans. This game will pit a young team against a seasoned one, and while the Titans may be without some star players due to injuries, they should still be able to put up a good fight. The Texans are one of the top teams in the NFL this year, and even with the loss of some key players to injury they are still a formidable opponent. On the other side, the Titans have a brand new head coach in Zac Taylor. He replaced Mike Vrabel, who left to take over the defense at the University of Alabama.

The Kansas City Chiefs vs. Los Angeles Chargers

The Los Angeles Chargers will be heading to Toronto this weekend for the toughest game on their schedule. The Chiefs are not a laughing matter, and with a stacked deck of talent they are probably the most talented team in the NFL. While it would be a brave man that would try and stop these guys, the Chargers are one of the most frustrating teams to watch. Despite the talent on their roster, they continue to underperform and disappoint their fans. This season is going to be different though. With a completely new coaching staff and players that have finally started to gel, the Chargers could surprise a lot of people this year.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish

This year’s Notre Dame Fighting Irish team is in a bit of a unique situation. Normally, you would never put money on a team that is coming off a heartbreaking loss in the playoff. Especially when that loss was to the Golden State Warriors. However, these guys are different. They are ready to make a statement and prove everyone wrong. This is a motivated and confident group of players that has been in the news quite a bit over the last year.

In early 2019, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish were in the news after a video surfaced of them celebrating a victory over the rival University of Michigan Wolverines. The team had been accused of cheating, and many people were calling for the team’s head coach to be fired. However, thanks in part to an independent investigation that was launched, the head coach was actually vindicated of all accusations. It was eventually revealed that the video had been faked, and in fact, the Irish had been celebrating the fact that their star quarterback had just secured a crucial touchdown. Despite the controversy, the coach was able to maintain his job and lead the team to another winning season.

The Fighting Irish were also accused of academic fraud when it came to their quarterback, Josh Adams. It was claimed that he had been selling his own brand of clothes and making fake endorsements in order to fund his student loan debts. It was also revealed that he had been receiving favors from the sportsbooks that he would then place his bets in. Many believed that this was yet another reason why the Fighting Irish needed a change at the top. They had been one of the most successful teams in the country for a while, but over the last few years they had started to slip. This year though, with a new coach and a motivated squad, things might finally be looking up for the Irish.

Las Vegas Raiders vs. New York Jets

Last but not least, we have the Oakland Raiders. Normally, you would never put money on a team that is coming off a loss. Especially when that loss was a painful one against the Pittsburgh Steelers. However, these guys are different as well. Thanks to some shrewd trades and a high draft pick, the Raiders are finally beginning to gel as a team. It starts at the top with owner Mark Davis. He made some significant upgrades to the roster via trades and free agency, and the results have been impressive. The team looks completely different now than they did a year ago, and not just because they have added some new players.

Last year, the Raiders opened the season with five straight wins. However, things started to go downhill from there. They lost their next four games before finally pulling out a 14-10 victory over the Seattle Seahawks. While they did well under the circumstances, fans are still holding out hope that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, and a new era of competitiveness between these long-time rivals. At least they will have something to look forward to this coming winter holiday season.

Who will win this weekend’s big games? Will it be a comeback for the ages, as many are predicting? Or will the underdogs surprise everyone and claim a victory? Make sure to keep reading the Betting Guide for more information on how to make the right decision and maximize your profits from this weekend’s games. You can also follow us on Twitter @OddsShark for more NCAA Football betting news and analysis!