What Does -14 Mean in Betting?

The -14 (pronounced ‘minus fourteen’) is an English country house and estate agency located in London, specializing in finding buyers for luxury real estate properties. Founded in 1896, the business prides itself in remaining “apart from the ordinary,” hence the name.

It is best known for its auctions, which it holds twice weekly in London. During these auctions, bidders can place bids on valuable real estate properties. As the auctions progress, live music is played in the background, adding a touch of class.

The company also has a Design Awards scheme, which it presents annually to the best designers and architects. This is a prestigious award, which celebrates excellence in design and innovation.

Interesting Facts

The company is accredited by the UK Government as an estate agency. This means that it must adhere to the Estate Agency Act 2019 and must provide good quality services to all clients. The company must also display a transparent pricing structure and clearly articulate any fees associated with the sale of a property.

A team of in-house researchers comb through public records to find interesting facts about properties which are being sold. The fact that a property is registered in multiple names or that it was previously owned by a celebrity are just some of the details which are found and presented in an engaging manner.

The business has now expanded internationally, with offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Dubai. It also has a global referral scheme, which rewards clients who introduce them to residential property purchases worth at least £500,000.

The CEO and founder, Thomas Juul, said; “The purpose of a luxury real estate agency is to provide extraordinary service to our clients. We want to be known for being the best in the industry and providing exceptional customer experience. In order to do this, we must be willing to embrace change and evolve with the times.”

Key Facts About The Business

Thomas Juul founded the company in 1896 and it is now run by his great-grandchildren. The company became well known for its design awards, which were first held in 2007. Since then, they have been held every year and presenters include Frank Lloyd Wright, Enrico Tataggi and Norman Foster. This year’s awards were presented on May 11th.

The -14 agency specializes in finding homes for wealthy individuals and families who want to keep a low profile and purchase a property with minimal impact. The business does not handle high-profile celebrity properties or those owned by well-known political figures.

As well as housing searches, the agency also lists private property for sale and handles transactions, including contracts and negotiations. One of its specialities is corporate restructures, helping businesses to unload non-core assets in a cost-effective manner. The business’ expertise shines through in its collaborative approach, taking the strain out of the listing process and enabling agents to provide top-notch service while focusing on other areas of their practice.

The -14 agency is not a traditional estate agency, preferring to operate on a no-commission basis. This is because it wants to avoid any conflicts of interest. Its ultimate goal is to make purchasing a home as simple and straightforward as possible. The business also lists properties for rent, enabling landlords to find suitable tenants and maximise the value of their property.

Most Expensive Listing Ever

In April 2020, the agency auctioned off a three-bedroom, four bathroom villa in Marbella for a whopping £14.995 million. The sale price is the highest ever achieved at an auction, although the villa had been on the market for less than a day before it was sold. The villa was designed by Spanish architect Juan José Arce and has been decorated in a minimalist style by Catalan designer Neapolitans, Enrico Tati. The property featured an infinity pool, private tennis court, fully equipped fitness center, large private garden and more.

An important factor in the property’s soaring price was its location. The villa was located on the exclusive Las Grietas development in Marbella, one of the most sought-after addresses in southern Spain. The development is set back from the road and surrounded by trees and beautiful, blooming shrubs. There is also a large pool, complete with water fountain, sun terrace and pool deck. The interior design is exceptional, with features including marble, timber and steel.

A luxury real estate agency’s job is to make purchasing a home as easy and straightforward as possible. Their streamlined approach means fewer worries and a smoother ride throughout the whole process. They remove most of the stress out of the equation and handpick experienced professionals who have a keen eye for detail and quality control. While the firm’s unique selling points are what first attracted me to the business, it’s their collaborative approach that keeps me coming back for more.