What Is Gi-Hun Betting on in the First Episode of ‘The Grand Tour’?

The Grand Tour is the upcoming 10-part TV series from the team behind James Bond 25 and will see Britain’s own Henry Cavendish travel around the world to uncover the best of modern design and luxury. In the first episode, ‘The Millionaire’s Tour’, we will see the millionaire Gi-Hun searching for the best design and style among the most exclusive destinations before jetting off on a private tour around the globe to indulge in his passions for jewellery, cars and yachts.

Here, we reveal some of the fascinating things that you can expect to see in The Grand Tour.

Exclusive Jets And Charter Flights

If you’ve ever seen the luxury travel magazine, Condé Nast Traveler, you’ll know that the company has a history of luxurious travel experiences and this will definitely be reflected in The Grand Tour. The premiere sees Henry Cavendish travel from London to Dubai in an exclusive Swissmade jet before being chauffeured to the other destinations. In order to maintain the exclusive feel of the trip, no more than five people are allowed to join aboard. The other destinations that he visits on his trip are Hong Kong, Singapore, Bali and Macau. On arrival at each location, a private charter flight will take him directly to his hotel.

City Guides And Local Attractions

From the moment that Henry Cavendish steps off the plane at his first stop, Hong Kong, the viewer is treated to a host of luxurious travel touches. As well as being dropped at the airport, he is given a local city guide with all of the important attractions covered. This is followed by a ride in a sleek black limousine to his five-star hotel where he can sit back and relax.

A Yacht Called ‘The Lady And The Tiger’

One of the most interesting yachts that Cavendish rides on is called ‘The Lady And The Tiger’. This superyacht was built upon the orders of the Hong Kong investor, Lo Peng Teng, who wished to cruise the world’s most famous waters. It is named after one of the most legendary cats in history, Lady and The Tiger. The boat is an exact replica of a Junkanoo pirate ship that was displayed at the 1970 Osaka World’s Fair. The entire vessel was designed and built in Japan in only 28 months and arrived in Hong Kong in April 1971. It has since become a renowned destination for cruises and is regularly visited by celebrities and royalty. The boat is a real eye-catcher, boasting a Jacuzzi, fully equipped gym and huge outdoor showering area. When the boat is docked at its mooring on Victoria Harbour, it is a common site for onlookers to flock to the water’s edge and take a peak at this extraordinary piece of maritime art.

An Aston Martin Vanquish And A Lamborghini Aventador

It’s fair to say that the car collector, Gi-Hun, is a man who definitely enjoys his superyacht and luxury hotels but, on the other hand, he also seems to have a taste for speedy cars as well. This is probably because he is able to cruise the world in his own personalized Aston Martin Vanquish and Lamborghini Aventador. These are two of the most exclusive cars in the world and, as well as being an incredible status symbol, they are also practical vehicles. During the premiere episode, we see Gi-Hun taking a trip up the East Coast of America in his personal limo, before detouring to Canada and then finishing the journey in his hometown of London in his Aston Martin. The journey in the Lamborghini is slightly less glamorous, although still extremely stylish and certainly fast. In the last few years, these luxurious cars have become much more affordable, especially since a good condition Aston Martin Vanquish can be bought for less than £50,000 and a fully restored Lamborghini for less than £140,000 – both around 2007 prices.)

So, as mentioned, the world’s most famous collector, Gi-Hun, cruises in style from London to Dubai and back again in season one of The Grand Tour. Accompanying Gi-Hun on his globe-trotting spree is his trusted personal assistant, Wang Di. The two men have an undeniable chemistry and a shared passionate interest in collecting and displaying the rich spoils of the world’s most prominent designers and luxury brands. When asked if he will continue to add to his collection during the off-season, Gi-Hun states: “No, I don’t think so. I’m taking a break. At the end of the day, too much inventory is a bad thing. If I keep buying, the prices will keep rising. So, I think it’s better for everybody if I take a step back and enjoy life.” If you’d like to follow the travels of Gi-Hun and Wang Di on their own personal yachts and continue the globetrotting lifestyle, subscribe to their yacht brokerage company, Ocean Independence, for more information. They will be overseeing yacht brokerage and yacht management for The Grand Tour. In the meantime, you can follow Gi-Hun’s travels on social media, where he shares all of the exciting locations and items from his collection with his fans and followers. For a taste of luxury, follow him on Instagram, where he regularly shares the spoils of his many holidays and adventures around the world.