In this Super Bowl Who Has The Betting Line Men?

The line for this weekend’s Super Bowl, which will be held at University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona on February 4th, has officially opened, and there are some interesting bets to be made. You’ll find long-shot and underdog bets, and even a few double-ups, but nothing is guaranteed. Let’s take a closer look at which side is favored to win and what to expect this weekend.

Falcons Will Cover The Point Spread

The first thing you’ll want to do is check out the over/under for the game. This number tells you what you should bet on whether the Atlanta Falcons will cover the point spread or not. If you think they will beat the New England Patriots, you can bet on them under (10.5); if you think they will lose, you can bet on them over (13.5).

If you think the over/under will be good value this year’s Super Bowl, you can also bet on your favorite team to cover the spread. For example, if you think the Kansas City Chiefs will cover the spread against the San Francisco 49ers, you can put down a $100 on them to win $150. You’ll want to make sure you are consistent with your wagers, so you don’t get into any trouble with the bookies. You can also use this feature to take a peek at some of the early trends before making your decision.

Patriots Will Win The Game By More Than One Goal

In the NFL, the larger the margin of victory, the more exciting the game. While it’s always nice to see your favorite team win, you’ll have the chance to see a lot more come-from-behind victories this year. The New England Patriots have 21 comeback wins under Belichick and Brady, and you’ll have the chance to see if that trend continues in the Super Bowl.

The point spread and over/under are two popular options for betting on the Super Bowl, but you can also take a peek at some of the early trends before making your decision. By studying the previous seven Super Bowls, you can see which team tends to come from behind to win. From 2000 to 2006, the Patriots came from behind to win all seven Super Bowls. Since 2007, the tables have turned, and the Falcons have won the last five Super Bowls. While it’s always exciting to see an upset, you might want to take the under on this one.

Falcons Will Win The Game By More Than One Goal

Let’s take a look at some of the other popular bets for this year’s Super Bowl. You may want to consider putting down some money on the underdogs, as they have a tendency to come from behind and surprise people. A perfect example of this was 2016, when the Los Angeles Rams went from 0-16 to win the Super Bowl. You’ll find a lot of value in underdogs, and sometimes the favorites can get a little overconfident and underestimate the competition.

If you think the underdogs will win, you may also want to consider taking an interest in the prop bets. For example, will Tom Brady wear a hat during the game? Or will there be any flags shown during the game? You can also bet on which quarterback will throw more touchdowns; it’s likely to be a shootout, and you may want to take a guess at which one will score more. These are just a handful of the many different betting options available for this weekend’s Super Bowl. Just remember to keep things in perspective; nothing is certain until the game begins, and even then, it might not go the way you expected.