Las Vegas Betting Odds on Who Will Win the Presidential Election

In the latest edition of the American Presidency Election Pool, we can reveal our top 10 odds on who will win the 2016 presidential election in November. The election is a mere 80 days away, so it’s time to get stoked!

Just like the popular vote, the electoral college in the U.S. chooses the winner of a presidential election. Three steps to casting your ballot: registration, voting, and tabulating the results. It’s easy to register to vote, but finding the correct polling place and making sure you’re registered to vote there can be a pain. That’s why we made finding the odds of each candidate easier. Here’s a look at our top 10 odds on who will win the presidential election in November:

Republican Donald Trump

The Donald Trump campaign is a real treat for gamblers. The New York casino mogul seems to break all the rules and refuse to bow to political correctness. He’s even refusing to go alone, opting to run with his controversial running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence. In addition to Trump and Pence, the Republican ticket is rounded out by former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, and retired neurosurgeon and activist Ben Carson. For a party that used to be known for its stability, the GOP is suddenly looking like a chaotic merry-go-round.

In a presidential election year, it’s usually safe to assume that the betting public will align itself with one of the two major parties. However, with the Republicans’ recent upheaval, outsiders like Trump have an opportunity to disrupt the status quo.

The 70-year-old New York native has broken all the rules, so it’s only fitting that he’d do the same with American democracy. As of the latest reports from the Associated Press, Trump is currently leading the pack with 42.7% of the vote. The second-place finisher, Ted Cruz, has 16.1%, Marco Rubio has 12.3%, and John Kasich has only 5.9%. The odds of Trump becoming the next president of the United States are now 9/2 – Get it while it’s hot!

Democratic Bernie Sanders

If Trump is the ultimate outsider in the Republican field, then Bernie Sanders is an iconoclast within the Democratic Party. The 74-year-old Jewish Democratic socialist is looking to upset the applecart by bringing fiscal responsibility to the White House. Sanders is running on a solid platform that includes Medicare for All, free public college, and a ban on corporate cash. He’ll also need Congress’ help with his “political revolution,” so he can make it all happen. As it stands, according to an AP tally, Bernie Sanders is currently in second place with 26.8% of the vote. He’s followed by Hillary Clinton with 24%, and Joe Biden with 12.5%.

When it comes to the odds of a certain candidate winning the presidential election, the Democrats tend to be a little more predictable than the Republicans. However, with the recent rise of candidates like Bernie Sanders, it will be quite the dynamic duo in the general election. Could Sanders beat Trump? Probably not, but it’s still anyone’s game. After all, the saying goes, “All politics is local.”

Republican Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush is the younger brother of former Florida Gov. and U.S. President George W. Bush. The 43rd president of the United States was named after his father, who was the 41st president. Despite being relatively young (he’s only 62), Jeb Bush has already amassed an impressive career, which includes serving as CEO of a multibillion-dollar company and as an advisor to three U.S. presidents. Bush is an ambitious candidate who wants to bring about change through government, rather than just talk about it.

Bush has been gaining popularity recently, mostly due to his hawkish stance on foreign policy and support for the Iraq War. He’s currently in third place with 17.1% of the vote. Donald Trump has only 16.1% support, but with the president not matching names to faces, it’s hard to tell who the real poll leader is.

Hillary Clinton

Unlike Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton is probably the best-known and most-liked candidate in the entire 2020 pool. There’s also a good chance that most of you have heard of her, since she was the Democratic Party’s 2016 nominee for president. You may also know that she’s currently serving as the United States’ secretary of state.

Clinton has been a controversial figure throughout her career, mostly because of her hawkish stance on foreign policy. She backed the Iraq War and has not shied away from supporting similar actions today. In the last decade, Clinton has become a war criminal, responsible for war crimes against Muslims in the Middle East. She’s also earned a reputation for extreme secrecy and unwillingness to disclose her controversial past. The 68-year-old candidate is currently in fourth place with 15.8% of the vote. She’s followed by Andrew Cuomo with 11.8%, Joe Biden with 9.3%, and then Bernie Sanders with 7.2%.

Donald Trump

Finally, we arrive at the king of contentious politics, Donald Trump. The 70-year-old entrepreneur and New York real estate magnate is looking to upset the applecart with the help of his friends in the media. A lot of his support comes from blue-collar Americans who feel that economic stagnation and globalization have left them behind. He’s also gained popularity among people who feel that the country is in a “spiritual” crisis and that only he can save them.

The property tycoon is currently in first place with 28.3% of the vote. He’s followed by Bernie Sanders with 16.1%, Joe Biden with 12.5%, and then Hillary Clinton with 11.3%. It should be noted that with the exception of his performance in the Middle East, it’s hard to find a political position that Trump hasn’t held. He’s been accused of being a racist, sexist, homophobe, and a bad neighbor. But somehow, he still manages to retain the support of many Americans. It’s almost as if they see him as the change they really want to see.

For a presidential election, betting odds are usually a safe bet. However, we shouldn’t forget about the unexpected – like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Two anti-establishment candidates look to upset the applecart in November.