Mia: Babe We Are Betting For Something Now Jacob: What?

The ‘Me Before You’ hit the big-screen this week with an incredible performance from Emily Blunt and strong notices from critics and audiences alike.

Starring alongside Blunt is handsome Australian actor Jake Gyllenhaal who is best known for his role as Prince John in the ‘Lord of the Rings’ films. While Gyllenhaal received huge praise for his work in the movie, it was the breakout performance from Blunt that earned her rave reviews and several awards season nominations.

Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about the romance story starring Emily Blunt and Jake Gyllenhaal:

The Plot

The titular character Mia (Blunt) is a retired high-school history teacher who works as a substitute teacher at a nearby school. After her best friend Charlie (Rose Byrne) is unexpectedly murdered by a student, Mia’s world is turned upside down and she must learn to live in the moment and cherish everyday pleasures. With the help of her hunky neighbor Jacob (Gyllenhaal) and his assistant Rebecca (Odeya Rush), Mia adjusts to her new life as a single mother but struggles to fill the void left by the absence of Charlie.

The movie’s overall plot deals with the themes of loss, reckoning, and growth. We follow Mia as she moves from a controlled, protective existence to one that is more open and optimistic. Her journey is an inspiring story of self-rediscovery and is beautifully told through sparkling cinematography and affecting performances from Blunt and Gyllenhaal.


The production values are simply stunning, with several prominent indie-film directors having worked on the movie including Jim Jarmond (‘The Shape of Water’) and Luca Guadagnino (‘Crimson Peak’). The pair of films were both nominated for a 2017 Academy Award for Best Picture.

The cinematography and musical score are beautiful, and add to the overall immersive experience. The costumes are exquisite and the sound design is on a whole other level. It is easy to understand why the creators of ‘Me Before You’ spent so much money making this movie – every aspect seems to have been carefully thought out and the results are quite incredible.


The characters are well-written and developed, and the actors do a phenomenal job bringing them to life. Blunt and Gyllenhaal are simply perfect as Mia and Jacob, and the chemistry they share is palpable and addictive. Though the movie is deeply saddening, it is also full of charm and humor, making it an enjoyable experience. The supporting cast is also well-rounded and plays their roles with emotion and integrity.


The style is very appealing and the images are sumptuous. The cinematography by Jeff Cronenweth (‘Darkest Hour’) is breathtaking, with many shots looking like they’ve been lifted straight out of a movie. The costumes by Anna Wintour are a total reflection of the fashion world of the ‘80s and are as cool as they are comfortable.

Many scenes are shot in a very appealing, realistic fashion and there are plenty of close-ups that would make an aesthete swoon. The editing by Michael McCawley is also flawless, and the overall pace is kept brisk throughout, with frequent, brief moments of levity to break up the intense emotion in the story. The soundtrack by Ludwig Goransson is incredible and perfectly fits the movie’s atmosphere. The album ‘Vices’ was even released this week and is already available for purchase.


Overall, ‘Me Before You’ is a love letter to older generations and a powerful statement about growing up in the ‘80s. It is a movie to see, in particular, if you are of that generation or if you grew up in the ‘80s yourself. Perhaps the most powerful thing about ‘Me Before You’ is that, despite the odds, it is quite possible to live a full life and still have fun – even as the years creep up on you.