NBA Stats to Consider When Betting

Looking for some stats to help you win your NBA bets? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of NBA stats worth considering when placing your bets.

Goals Scored

This one seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it? The more you score, the more you’ll likely win. Keep in mind that this stat doesn’t take into account blocked shots or any kind of goaltending. The best predictor of future goals is previous goalscoring accuracy. If you’re looking for goals scored stats, then you should really be looking at shooting percentage. Moreover, teams that have more shooting threats score more goals than those that rely on a single, uninspiring scorer. If you’re a betting man, then you should strongly consider putting your money on the underdogs. Just remember: upsets are often the result of good coaching, solid teamwork, and a lot of heart.


Turnovers are, generally speaking, a bad thing. The more you turn over, the less potent you become as a scorer. However, there are times when some quick, unexpected handoffs are necessary. If you’re looking for a simple way to put your opponent in an unfavorable position, then you should really be considering taking some quick draws. This kind of ball movement can help your team get some easy baskets. Moreover, you should try to hide the ball from your opponent as much as possible because, generally speaking, turnovers lead to easy buckets for your opponent. However, there is one stat called “Takeaway Ratio” that you should really consider. This stat indicates how many turnovers a team has compared to the number of possessions. If you look at the ratio, then you’ll see that it usually favors the better teams. Moreover, there is one other stat called “Fast Break Points” that you should also consider when looking at turnovers. This stat measures the number of fast break points (assists on layups, dunk shots, etc) a team earns compared to the number of possessions. The better the numbers, the better the team. You should use these two stats in combination with other factors to form an accurate estimate of a team’s potential to win games.


This one is probably the most important one on this list. A lot of teams are content to simply grab the ball and go with the flow. They rarely try to mix up their offense by committing fouls. While they may not seem like they are losing, this kind of play can easily result in a team being out of contention. Remember: too many fouls and a team could lose its ability to score. This is why you should always consider fouling your opponents even if they’re having a great game. You want to deny them the chance to score and give your opponents some free throws. You should never be afraid to commit a foul because it could ultimately be the key to winning the game. Moreover, this will likely upset your opponents, which may affect their game. Consider committing a foul if it means a win for your team.

Two-Point Shootout

This is one of the most exciting parts of an NBA game. The two best players in the world settle their scores in a game that is mostly for bragging rights. Most fans love watching this part of the game because it is usually high-level basketball. In a two-point shootout, each player is allowed to shoot twice. The first shot is worth two points and the second shot is worth one point. This stat doesn’t take the three-point line into consideration, which can be a good or bad thing, depending on how you look at it. If you’re looking for a stat that can help you determine how good a two-point shooter a player is, then you should really be looking at his shooting percentage. The better the percentage, the better the two-point shooter. Moreover, two-point shooters are usually good at getting their team involved in the game because they can usually set a quick, easy pace.

There you have it. Those are the stats you should really be keeping an eye on when betting on the NBA. These stats will help you form an accurate estimation of your chances of winning or losing a game. Remember: there is always uncertainty in sports and betting, so always consider the possibility of you being wrong. Moreover, don’t ever think that because a team wins a lot of games that they’re guaranteed to win. The better a team plays, the better their chances of winning, no matter what the record might say.