What Team Should You Bet On? Are the Golden State Warriors for Real?

Throughout the entire NBA season, fans will be debating which teams are for real and which ones will disappoint.

Most will agree that the 2018-2019 NBA season will be remembered as the one where the Golden State Warriors shattered all the records — including the one that says the championship game should be postponed if there’s a chance of snow (hopefully, they won’t break that one).

No one saw it coming. No one had any idea that the Warriors would be this good this soon. At the start of this season, everyone was expecting the Warriors to be a team to beat and for the other 29 teams to settle for the bottom of the barrel.

Sincerely, we weren’t expecting this. We still can’t quite believe it. But here we are, and it’s time for the fun to begin.

Which Team Should You Back?

Now that we’ve settled in to the reality that the NBA is back, it’s time for fans to figure out which team to back. Remember: this is a long season, and these are some of the most popular teams in the NBA. If you want to make sure you get your money’s worth, then you need to be picking teams that have a good chance to win it all.

But which one is best for you? That depends on a lot on you. If you want to have fun and don’t care about winning, then go with the Wizards. They’re one of the most entertaining teams in the NBA, and it wouldn’t be surprising if they end up being one of the better teams this season.

If you’re looking for a high-powered offense, the Warriors are as close to a guarantee as you can get this season. But if you want to be safe, the 76ers give you the best shot at making it to the Eastern Conference finals.

Last but not least, if you like to play the long shot, go with the Suns. They may not be as popular as the previous three teams, but with Kelly O’Shea, Josh Smith and Devin Booker, they are very capable of knocking off the Warriors in the first round.

The Warriors Are For Real

If you want to be amongst the first to bet on the Warriors during the season, you can get a good deal at the online sportsbooks. Right now, the Golden State Warriors are a 20-1 shot to win the 2019 NBA championship. That’s a massive amount of confidence. Especially considering they haven’t played a single game this season. But credit where credit is due: this isn’t some crazy preseason declaration. This comes from Monte Casino, a popular betting site:

“We have [the Warriors’] win total at 20. Our initial take is that this is quite a bit of confidence for a club that has played just one preseason game. However, given the amazing talent they have on their roster, it is not unrealistic to predict big things out of the Bay Area club. The fact that they haven’t played a single game this season doesn’t mean that they’re still learning the ropes. Even in preseason, we saw flashes of greatness from the Warriors, putting up impressive numbers in every way imaginable. While the regular season is still a bit of a crapshoot, the Warriors are sure to put up some incredible numbers and make everyone rethink their approach to NBA betting.”

And they have. The Warriors obliterated all the records this year, including the ones that say the championship game should be postponed if there’s a chance of snow (hopefully, they won’t break that one).

They set the stage for an amazing season with a dominant performance in the preseason. The Warriors opened up the season with 12 straight wins and have been a force ever since. With a roster that includes some of the greatest players of all time, the only way for the other 29 teams to stop them is if they somehow figure out a way to stop themselves.

Even the experts were surprised by how good the Warriors were this season. According to Bovada, a popular sportsbook operator:

“I would not have predicted the 2019-2020 NBA season to be this exciting. The Golden State Warriors truly are playing some incredible basketball, and they are blowing out the competition. In fact, they’re so good, it’s scary.”

NBA fans everywhere are scared. Especially since the start of the season, they’ve gone 0-3 against the spread. But that isn’t exactly a good thing. It means they’re underperforming. But just when you think the season can’t get any more exciting, it does. Case in point: the Phoenix Suns. If you’re looking for a team that will be exciting to watch this season, then the Suns are as good a fit as any. They will be fighting for every single seat in the arena, wanting to make sure you remember their name and face. They will be a threat to win every game they play, simply because their roster is so deep and talented.

Which One Is the Favored Team To Beat?

Although each team is capable of knocking off the Warriors in the first round, no one wants to do it. The Warriors are too popular, and everyone knows which team they defeated to win the 2019 championship.

But who is the favorite to beat? If you want to be able to place a wager on the Warriors during the season, then you can do so safely at the online sportsbooks. Right now, the Warriors are a 3-4 shot to win the 2020 NBA championship. But since they haven’t played a single game this season, that could change. So for now, they’re still the favorite.

A Good Spot to Place Your Bets?

One of the great things about sports betting is that there are so many different options for places to wager. Depending on where you are and what devices you are using, you can get sports coverage of almost any kind. That means no matter where you are, you can always bet on sports. But if you want to be able to place wagers on the Warriors, then you’d better be prepared to spend some money. It would be best to check out some of the top online sportsbooks first, to see what kind of bonuses they’re offering and whether or not they have any sign-up bonuses available. Once you’ve chosen an online bookmaker that you feel good about, then you can begin making your wagers — and hopefully, you’ll win some money.