How to Change the Number on Your Betway Betting Account

When you open a betting account with Betway you are given a unique identity, or “Handle” which is used throughout the site. This identity is made up of four sets of numbers and letters, or “numbers” for short. These numbers are how you identify yourself to the rest of the site, and can be found by clicking on your user name at the top of any page.

If you have chosen username “benjyh”, for example, then your Betway identity would be:

  • B88J88
  • 989898
  • 87654321
  • Benjamin8

You can change your numbers at any time on your account page, which can be accessed via your “My Account” link at the top of any page. Simply click the “Edit Profile” button and make the required changes in the fields below.

You must input new numbers in the exact same order as they were in your previous identity, and note that if you have previously used all four sets of numbers, you will not be able to select them again. Once you have entered your new numbers you must click “Submit” at the bottom of the page, at which point you will be taken to a page with a confirmation link.

Clicking this link will take you back to the “My Account” page where you can confirm that the new identity has been reflected in your profile. When this is done successfully you will be able to choose a new password and click “Confirm Account” at the bottom of the page to activate the new numbers.

Why Can’t I Change the Numbers On My Account?

While changing your numbers is easy enough, there is a reason why you can’t change the numbers on your account that was given to you when you created your account. The purpose of having these four sets of numbers is so that if someone makes a mistake and places a bet with the wrong identity, the bet can be traced back to you. This is so you can either correct the mistake yourself, or, in some cases, have the bet canceled.

The way this traceability feature works is that when a bet is placed with your identity, or when you refer a friend to make a bet with your identity, the number sets for both of you are compared. If there is a mismatch in any of the sets of numbers, the bet is voided and the money returned to the bettor. In the event that the numbers match, the bet is settled in favor of the gambler.

How Do I Get My Money Back If There Was A Mistake?

If there was a mistake made on your account and you want your money back, the simplest thing to do is to contact the customer service department of Betway via phone or email. The nature of the mistake should be determined as quickly as possible so that the issue can be resolved as soon as possible. Even if you don’t want to ask for your money back right away, it’s still possible you might get it back in the form of free bets or credits to be used at some point in the future.

How Do I Get A New Identity?

If you want a new set of numbers, or if you made a mistake in entering your existing numbers and want to obtain a new identity, this can be done with ease. Simply visit the “My Account” page via your “My Betway” link at the top of any page. From here you can choose to have a new identity created using your existing four sets of numbers, or you can enter new numbers and have a brand new identity created for you. Which option you choose is totally up to you.

What Is The Difference In The Two Options?

When you create a new identity using your existing sets of numbers, this information is used to search for games and competitions that you might be interested in, and to keep track of your favorite teams and players. The customer service team will also use this information to verify your identity before issuing you with your new set of numbers. If you have multiple accounts at Betway, or if you play multiple games frequently, having a separate identity for each account can become cumbersome.

When you choose to use your existing sets of numbers to generate a new identity, you are given the opportunity to enter four new sets of numbers that will be used to replace the existing sets. This option is slightly more secure as the customer services team will not have access to your previous set of numbers to trace your bets back to you. In this scenario, whenever you make a bet it will be voided and the money returned to the bettor. In the event your numbers still match, you are not going to get your money back as it has been settled in favor of the gambler. In case there is no mistake and the numbers match, this is also the option that gives you the opportunity to keep your money.

The Bottom Line

Betway is a secure and trustworthy bookmaker that offers a wide range of betting options. As long as you remain within their ecosystem, using only their own products and services, the chances of a mishap are minimal. Allowing you to keep all your money in the case of a win, or giving it back in the case of a loss, is an excellent option for any gambler who wants to keep their money in the long term.

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