How Much Are Payouts on Betting? Mayweather vs McGregor

Most sportsbooks have begun paying out much larger winning sums than usual, enticing large and loyal fan bases to put cash on the line and back their chosen champion. In fact, some have given it such a high priority that they’ve even modified the terms of service to ensure they pay out winnings promptly. As a result, many bettors are now looking for the best possible odds on what will be an historic event.

Let’s take a quick look at how much you can expect to win on Betting when the World’s Most Popular SportstheirmeversusMcGregor marches into the ring on Aug. 26.

An Overall Summary Of How Much You Can Expect To Win

We can start by looking at the betting markets for McGregor first. According to Bwin, McGregor is currently the 2.5 favorite in the betting market, with Mayweather coming in at 4.5. If we look at the historical odds for these kinds of fights, we can find that Mayweather usually comes in as a slight favorite, having won the last 11 fights in a row against the same opponent. However, this time around, the tables have turned with McGregor favored in the matchup.

On the other hand, regarding betting on Mayweather’s upcoming fight, Bwin gives him a 3.5 betting odds, while the sportsbook also puts the champ at a neutral betting line. In the history of their rivalry, Mayweather is an overwhelming favorite in the betting markets, accumulating a 79-1 record when placed on the favorite side. These kinds of betting lines are rarely seen in the world of professional sports. It’s fair to say that these kinds of odds would make most sports bettors very happy.

On the opposite side, it’s a complete different story. In the past two years, McGregor has compiled an unblemished 28-0 record in the UFC while also becoming one of the biggest names in sports. For whatever reason, the momentum seems to be behind the Irishman in this one and the betting markets agree. Betting on McGregor is currently offering 15/2 odds, while the over/under is set at 9.5 rounds. If McGregor lives up to his reputation, this could be one of the most exciting fights in a long while.

What About The Moneyline Betting?

One of the most popular ways to bet on sports is via the moneyline, which gives you an opportunity to bet on the winner of the particular matchup without having to choose an underdog. The line is adjusted based on the current betting market, so if you want to wager on the fight, you have to do so shortly before the event. For example, if you want to wager on McGregor vs Mayweather, you will have to do so several days in advance.

The advantage of pre-betting on McGregor vs Mayweather is that you will know exactly how much you are committed to wager. In the case of the upcoming clash of titans, you will have to decide whether you are willing to wager on the fight or on a particular outcome, such as who will win. Moneyline betting gives you the advantage of backing either one of these outcomes without knowing which one will be more profitable. You might also be interested in taking a peek at this year’s TOP 10 U.S. Sportsbooks, which have the best combination of odds and customer service.

The UFC Versus The World’s Most Popular Sport

Another major factor that could influence how much you win on Betting is the competition for your wager. Not many people get the chance to bet on the World’s Most Popular Sport, so when they do, it’s usually because the UFC decides to stage a super fight between two of its biggest stars. It’s well-known that the champions of the biggest MMA promotion in the world are always fighting each other, and it’s not unusual for these bouts to be considered among the very best in the sport’s history. Having said that, it’s important to keep in mind that these are exhibition fights, staged for the benefit of the paying audience. Even though these are prestigious bouts, the competition for your wager is usually quite low, especially when compared to, for example, an NFL game, where you can bet on up to eight different teams in a single game. In fact, the UFC might not even be in the sportsbook you’re placing your wager in. Therefore, keep that in mind when placing your bet.

How Much Is A UFC Fight Worth?

If we take a look at the most recent MMA fights, we can find some interesting insights into the value of an MMA fight. On Jul. 12, 2019, UFC 223, an event that was heavily influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic, took place and was watched by just 679,000 viewers, according to UFC president Dana White. This kind of number is very disappointing for the UFC, especially considering that the event was a world championship fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson, two of the biggest stars in the sport. Even more surprisingly, this number is similar to the viewership for the next biggest UFC fight on this list, which was the Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones bout. Both of these fights were won by Jones, and it’s safe to assume that most of the bets were made on the latter matchup given that it’s much more profitable to bet on the favorite. In fact, both these events took place during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, which may have also scared away some people who wanted to see a world class fight but didn’t feel safe attending a live event.

Why Do People Prefer To Bet On The Underdog?

Sportsbooks often receive requests from bettors to back the underdogs in certain matchups. In most cases, the underdog is a popular choice because he is perceived as having less of a chance of winning. After all, the favorite is usually considered the better boxer, the better wrestler or the more experienced grappler. When it comes to the World’s Most Famous Sport, most people think that the underdog has a better chance of prevailing over the favorite, given that he has fewer established tactics to deal with the never-ending flurry of punches, kicks and knees that the champion will throw at him. These kinds of bets are usually high-risk/high-reward, with the potential for spectacular wins and losses. However, given how devastating a loss can be in this case, it’s understandable why most people choose to stay away from them.

When Do You Need To Act Fast?

One more factor that could influence how much you win on Betting is how soon you need to place your wager. As was mentioned earlier, you need to place your wager on McGregor vs Mayweather several days in advance. However, once the fight is over, you will need to act quickly to ensure that you receive your winnings, as these winnings are usually processed and paid out as soon as possible. If you miss out on this opportunity, you might find that the sportsbooks no longer offer this particular matchup, or they will require that you place a second wager, this time on the outcome of the fight.

To recap, the key factors that could influence how much you win on Betting are the competition for your wager and how soon you need to act after the fight. As a general rule of thumb, it’s usually best to avoid placing your wager on an exhibition fight, or one that features very little competition for your wager. Otherwise, you risk losing a large amount of money, especially if the fight was close.