Roulette Strategy: Where to Play Roulette and Betting Red Black and Zero

With the world recovering from the pandemic and life seemingly back to normal, people are wanting to get back to gambling. For those looking for a new place to play, here are some suggestions:

Indian Casinos

The popularity of roulette in India was probably first ignited by the country’s first luxury casino, the Taj Mahal Palace and Casino. With its marble floors and pillars, the first-ever Indian casino opened its doors in April 2020 and continues to attract gamblers from around the world. Although most casinos in India are now offering their gaming services online, the Taj Mahal Palace and Casino still maintains a reputable reputation as one of the best venues to play roulette in India.

Other European Countries

With most of Europe now opening up their casinos in the wake of the pandemic, players across the continent can now get their fix of roulette. Some of Europe’s most popular casinos with the most convenient locations are: