See What Lines Are Moving in Sports Betting

There is always something interesting going on in sports betting. Lines move in and out of favor as the outcome of a game develops, and many a gambler has made or lost a fortune based on current trends. Whether you are looking to get involved in sports betting or just want to follow the latest news, there is always plenty to keep an eye on.

NBA Finals Odds Review

The NBA finals are now over and the Golden State Warriors are heading back to Oakland to end yet another title run after their 109-107 overtime win against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Sunday. The game had no shortage of twists and turns, and even after reviewing the odds, there is still plenty to discuss.

The betting odds for this year’s finals were released on Monday, and while the teams and the odds for the finals series were as you would expect, there was one oddity that piqued our interest.

In the early going of the series, it was nearly impossible to find betting markets for either team, with both available odds being near evens. The oddity came from the fact that public money was at play, as the NBA is funded by its broadcasters, and there was no love lost between the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers. So, as the series progressed and the animosity intensified between these two historic basketball franchises, we started to see more action available on the Cleveland side of the market.

Money Made From Backing The Underdog

It is well-known that many a bookmaker will lay off the favorite in a marquee fight, often times laying the line several points in favor of the underdog. Simply put, oddsmakers don’t want to give the appearance of arrogance by laying the line in favor of a favorite, so they will often find a way to justify a smaller parlay/spread by backing the underdog in a marquee fight or game.

In the 2018 NBA finals, the series was tied at one game each before LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Golden State Warriors four games to three. The underdogs of the series were favored to win each of the first three games, with many online sportsbooks giving the Cavaliers +4.5, +5, and +5.5 points in those games respectively. But things changed in game four, as the underdogs suddenly went cold. They lost by a combined score of 89-98, with oddsmakers adjusting the line in favor of the Warriors, who were still considered heavy underdogs going into that game.

One example of this came in game four of the 2018 finals. Both oddsmakers and bettors gave the Nuggets +4 points in that game, with oddsmakers eventually going through with the full point spread, as the Nuggets defeated the Jazz by a score of 121-116. While things changed in game four, the underdogs of games one through three had their oddsmakers in the sportsbooks adjust the line in their favor in game four. Just like that, the series was over, and many a sports bettor was left with egg on their face.

Pelicans vs Kings In NBA Finals

The NBA championship series have now reached a conclusion after the Toronto Raptors lost to the Golden State Warriors in game seven, 90-85. The series was a battle of two of the best teams in the Eastern Conference, with the Toronto Raptors taking the series 4-3. But before the series was over, there was an interesting development in the betting. The New Orleans Pelicans had odds of +160 to win the series, with the Los Angeles Kings as the second choice at +140. But after game six, which was won by the Raptors 92-88, the line was adjusted and New Orleans returned as the underdog in game seven.

While we don’t recommend betting on games during the NBA finals (unless you got really lucky and things changed in your favor), this is an example of how quickly lines can change in NBA gambling. You can bet on individual games during the NBA playoffs, as there is no line usually, but during the finals, the favorites will be paid off when the ball is bounced, as the line will move in their favor.

NFL Playoff Predictions

The post-season starts now, and it’s time for us to dust off our crystal balls and revisit our predictions from the beginning of March. While there were no upsets this year in the NFL playoffs like there were last year, when the Los Angeles Rams beat the New England Patriots in the first round, there was still plenty for us to learn about this year’s playoffs. The biggest takeaway from this year’s playoffs is just how unpredictable things can be.

Last year was the first time the post-season had three game 7s in a row (the Patriots vs Rams, Patriots vs Seahawks, and Steelers vs Jaguars), and this year was the first time since 2015 that there were no game 7s in the first three rounds of the playoffs (the last two years saw only one game 7 in the first round). And just when you think things can’t get more chaotic, something ridiculous happens and the perfect scenario is ruined.

One of the biggest stories from this year was the Seattle Seahawks defeating the defending world champions, the New England Patriots. Many experts had the Pats as the overwhelming favorites to retain their title, but the underdogs came back to challenge them in the playoffs and exact revenge. The Seahawks were the last team standing between the Patriots and their sixth world championship, and while the Pats were the favorites going into the game, the underdogs had other ideas.

The Seahawks were given -3 points in the early going of the game, before jumping up by a point and a half as the game progressed. One sportsbook representative stated, “We didn’t expect the line to move the way it did in the fourth quarter. The Patriots looked like they were going to blow the Seahawks out, but then the line jumped up and the underdogs took over.”

One important thing to note about this game is how one-sided it was in the betting. Just one sportsbook posted odds on this game, with the Seahawks as 6.5-point underdogs at one book, and the Patriots as double-digit favorites at most other books. This was certainly a surprise to see as the Patriots had not been a significant underdog since week 12 of last season when they were favored over the Buffalo Bills and the Jacksonville Jaguars by 12 and 17 points respectively. So in the week leading up to this game, the Pats were huge favorites, making this an important test for the Seahawks.

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While the NFL playoffs are now behind us, there is still plenty to discuss regarding sports betting and the 2019 season. One of the biggest stories so far this year has been the New York Yankees winning the American League title as expected, but the Kansas City Royals also making an unexpected and significant push for the playoffs. And while we don’t usually recommend sticking with favorites in the playoffs (unless you are getting extremely lucky), the lines did not move in the Royals’ favor this year, as the favorites (Yankees, Red Sox, and Rays) won by large margins. It will be interesting to see how these lines move in the coming weeks as the playoffs continue.

Another team that was inexplicably overlooked in the betting this year was the Atlanta Braves. The line moved heavily in their favor after they placed sixteenth in the regular season, with the Pittsburgh Pirates as the only other team to give them more than +1 in the early going of the season. The Braves took the field in the post-season as heavy underdogs and defeated the San Francisco Giants in four games, which included two dramatic comeback victories. While the Giants are usually considered a postseason team, the underdogs proved themselves in the betting this year.

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The MLB season is officially over, and with it, the beginning of the fantasy baseball season. One of the most exciting things about fantasy baseball (and other types of fantasy gaming) is how wildly the lines can move and how quickly things can change. It is all about keeping an eye on the trends, knowing when to jump on them and when to walk away.

There were plenty of trends to follow in the 2019 baseball season, and while following them all can be difficult, knowing when to jump on a trend and when to duck is half the battle. For those who want to get involved in fantasy baseball, now is a good time to do so, as there will be plenty of games remaining to be played this year, and the talent pool for fantasy baseball is deeper than ever before.