Where Do Horse Betting Groups Go to Enter the Biggest Money Contest?

Where do the great horse racing stories begin? At the tracks of course! But, that’s not all there is to a great story. There are many different roads that an individual can take to find the fame and fortune that come with making big bucks off of poker games and horse races. Now is the time to share your unique story. Below, you’ll discover the three most popular places that horse betting groups go to enter the biggest money contest. Let’s get started.


You might be thinking that Hollywood is only in movies. However, the town that Hollywood mimics so well welcomes professional gamblers who want to make some big bucks. There are many different ways for members to earn big wins in Los Angeles including but not limited to;

  • Studying the jockeys’ strategies
  • Taking a sharp eye to the betting lines
  • Following the money trail
  • Studying computer models
  • And the most popular way of all; Winning Money At Gambling!

One of the most popular attractions in Hollywood is the Hollywood Park Racetrack. If you’re looking to make some serious cash, Hollywood is the place to be. The track offers simulcast betting which allows users to place wagers on horse races across the country. The track also offers live racing which brings the excitement of the circuit directly to you. If you’ve ever seen the movie; Glengary Glen Ross, you’ll know what kind of town Hollywood is. For those who aren’t familiar with the 1996 comedy classic, Glen Ross is the place where Mickey Rooney’s character goes to collect a debt from Sean Young’s character. When Young’s character discovers that Rooney’s character is a professional gambler, she gives him three options; Kill himself, go to prison or go to Glen Ross. He chooses Glen Ross and of course, Young’s character has to help him collect his debt. The scene in which he walks into the glitzy casino and immediately spots an old friend who offers to place a bet is pretty funny. However, what is perhaps most interesting about this option is that it doesn’t happen in a movie. This option really does exist and it’s called Professional Gamblers Anonymous. The group’s official website boasts that their meetings are open to the public and that you don’t have to be a member to attend. Anyone can walk in the door and participate in the discussions which range from; How to Handle Your Addictions Naturally and Professionally to discussions on recovery and meetings geared toward helping members stay active while doing their recovery work. If you’re in Hollywood and seeking help, there are numerous groups that you can join to find the help that you need.

Las Vegas

Another great place for horse bettors to make big money and exciting stories is Las Vegas. Home to the famous Las Vegas Strip and countless other gambling venues, the city is synonymous with high-stakes gambling. If you’ve seen the movie Wolf of Wall Street, you’ll know what kind of place Las Vegas is. There is actually an entire section of the Strip devoted to gambling and it’s called the Gaming Zone. The city’s other main attraction is the Grand Canyon. You can hike to its edge and watch the sun set while taking in the beautiful view. There are numerous other spots around the city where you can get a picture-perfect sunset. The colors are vibrant and it’s quite the view. There are so many places in Las Vegas to have fun and make some money but at the very least, you can make some decent money at the tables. People visit Las Vegas specifically to bet on horses so if you’re looking to make some fast cash, consider heading to one of the city’s numerous racetracks. There, you’ll find both live racing as well as simulcast betting, creating even more opportunities for big wins. Plus, there are so many different betting formats to choose from, increasing the chances of you finding a game that suits your play style. If you’re in Las Vegas and seeking help, there are numerous options available to you. You can join a church, a synagogue or a temple and find the guidance and support that you need to lead a healthy and fulfilling life. The city has many resources available to guide you along the way.


If you’ve ever been to London, you’ll know that it’s not just a city but a metropolitan area. It’s the home of the Royal Family and all kinds of famous and infamous people. If you’re a horse betting enthusiast and you’ve never been to London, now is the time to make that trip. For centuries, people traveled across the pond to enjoy the thrill of a horse race. However, it wasn’t until recently that the sport exploded in popularity in the city. One of the reasons behind this resurgence is that people are realizing that the sport can be a lot of fun and it can also generate some serious cash. The famous track in London is called; The White City. It’s located in the suburbs but it’s actually part of the city. In 2019, visitors spent £130 million just on hotel rooms alone! That’s a whole lot of money and the opportunities for big wins are there. The track offers live racing as well as simulcast betting, making it a haven for sports fans and professionals who want to make some quick cash. If you’re in London and seeking help, there are countless options available to you including but not limited to; AA, Al-Anon and NA. Just remember to never bet against the house or you might end up in a bit of a pickle. London is home to many different communities so if you’re looking for a specific group, use the resources that the city has available to you.