How to Talk About Sports Betting and Sports Betting on TV

A lot has changed in the way we consume media since the O.J. Simpson trial. Back in 1995, the verdict was delivered via a tape player, and people had to tune in to NBC to see the details. Today, we have the internet, social media, and smart phones. Thanks to these innovations, the nation has heard (or at least, seen) the verdict, whether they choose to believe it or not. This is the case for Simpsons creator Bill […] Simmons’ […] fascinating […] and important […] trial.

The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

The Simpson trial was, in many ways, a good thing. It was informative, riveting television, and it helped popularize the term “Kool-Aid man”.

That being said, there were some aspects of the trial that probably aren’t worth bringing up today. Chief among these is the fact that the trial largely happened in the white world of Simpson Calhoun County. The O.J. Simpson trial wasn’t color-blind, and it wasn’t just about sports. This became glaringly apparent during jury selection, when […]]]>

What Now?

Now that we’ve seen the Simpson trial, what’s next? For those who love their sports gambling, the answer is easy: more sports gambling! The trial inspired a fever inside the U.S. population, and many are looking to get their fix. Unfortunately, this also means that there’s more opportunity for those looking to take advantage of this population. The FBI estimates that there are currently 300,000 sports betting scams happening across the country each year.

As this opportunity grows, it’s the job of the influencer to emerge from the chaos and help those seeking comfort in gambling steer clear of the scams and get what they want from legal betting sites.

The Influencer’s Role

Over the past two years, we’ve seen an explosion of influencers […] the world of sports betting. From Manny Manuel […] to Joe Exotic, these influencers […] play a vital role in disguising legal betting sites as sports bookies and helping those looking to wager understand the odds. If you’re an influencer […] or a brand that regularly deals with sports betting […] then this is a space you need to be in.

The Future

With the Kool-Aid man’s classic “Stay thirsty, my friend” line as a mantra, the future of sports betting looks incredibly bright.

At the same time, legal sports gambling is still in its early stages, and like any new business, there’s going to be opportunities for those that can make the most of it. As the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in New Jersey v. Aceros, the case that legalized online gambling in the country, states can legally prohibit sports gambling within their borders. Therefore, it’s still possible that states like New Jersey could choose to shut down the Legal Sports Betting Operations that exist within their boundaries. While this may seem hopeless, those that run these sites have a great deal of resources at their disposal, and with determination, they could push back and fight for legalization. As more and more states legalize online gambling, the potential for sports betting sites to populate the country is incredible.

For those that love sports betting, this is a golden opportunity to make some money playing the games you love. At the same time, be aware that there’s a chance that your favorite sports bookie could be trick playing the cards, and it’s your responsibility to do your homework and find out what you’re getting into.