What Are the Best Betting Apps?

Mobile betting has exploded in the last few years, with more people playing on their phones than on desktops. The most played game on the iOS App Store is now three years old, and is still one of the top grossing games there. Similar success has been enjoyed by other mobile betting apps.

Which mobile betting apps are the best of the best? Is there one that stands out above the others? Which ones do you currently use and why? We’ve been covering mobile betting for several years now, and have tested dozens of the most popular apps to find out which ones are the absolute best and most useful for mobile gamblers. In this article, we’ll run down the important details on the most popular mobile betting apps.


It wouldn’t be a list of the best mobile betting apps if we didn’t start with the most popular operating system. Apple’s iOS is the mainstay of any smartphone, and most people choose to use the App Store with its hundreds of thousands of apps simply because it’s the best place to find software.

The App Store is home to hundreds of thousands of mobile apps, all for downloading and using on your phone. The best part is that most of these apps are completely free, with advertising or microtransactions keeping the lights on. It’s a beautiful thing.

In terms of pure functionality, the iOS App Store is hard to beat. From a simple calculator to a full-fledged word processor, the App Store has got you covered. And did we mention there are thousands of other useful apps too? All you need to do is download the app and try it out to see how great it is.


While the iOS App Store may be king when it comes to mobile apps, Google’s Android is still the queen when it comes to overall mobile experience. And, for good reason; the OS is open source, which means developers can tinker with it and give it a new life beyond what Google originally intended. It has a much broader appeal than iOS due to its open design, and it continues to grow in popularity every year.

Google Play is the other important app market on the Android platform, and it’s a paradise for mobile gamers. Not only can you download games from the Google Play Store, but you can also try out free demos of any app or game you might be interested in. Sometimes this is all it takes to convince you to download a particular app or game. The Play Store also hosts thousands of different apps and games, so it’s bound to have something that fits your needs. And, once you’ve found it, Google Play will happily install the app for you so you can get started using it right away.


While most people use one of the two other operating systems, Windows still has a huge audience due to its ubiquitous nature. And for good reason too; with so many people using the OS, there’s a large pool of potential beta testers for any app or game that could potentially break. In other words, if you want to be sure your app or game works as intended, you’ll have to wait for a lot of people to use it, and then report back any bugs or errors you might have found. It’s a pain, but it’s the price you have to pay for Microsoft’s sheer size and popularity.

If you’re a developer looking for a platform to build your next game or app on, you’d better choose Windows. However, if you’re a user looking for a simple and reliable app that does exactly what you need without errors, you may want to avoid this platform.

The Bottom Line

As we mentioned earlier, mobile betting has seen some pretty massive growth in popularity over the last few years. This is likely because it’s a simple and reliable way for people to gamble, and most of the time there’s nothing more compelling than winning money on your phone. This is certainly the case with Cake Poker, a game that has been around for over a decade and has survived the test of time because it fulfills a needed function and does it well. This is exactly why we’ve tried out so many different apps over the years, searching for the one that would work best for us personally.

But perhaps the most important point to consider is this: no matter which OS you choose, there’s an app out there that will suit your needs. It might not be the exactly the same as the one you’re looking for, but it will get the job done.