What Are Points on Super Bowl Betting?

The odds may be in your favor to score some big wins on Super Bowl betting. The truth is that the Super Bowl point-spread is getting wider and wider these days. It’s not unusual to see bets of 10 or more points made on this year’s Super Bowl. That’s basically a full-house bet on the Super Bowl champion. But how exactly do you place those wagers? Let’s take a look at the rules governing Super Bowl betting and what the current odds are on this year’s big game.

The Basics Of Super Bowl Betting

You’ll see various options for Super Bowl betting in your favorite online gambling site. Typically, you’ll have odds and prop bets offered for the game. The majority of online sportsbooks also offer parlay and point-spread betting on the big game. In most cases, you can place a parlay or point-spread wager on the Super Bowl. And don’t forget about the prop bets. They can really add up if you’re betting the right way. For example, you might see a prop bet between New England and Los Angeles regarding how many calories both teams will eat during the game. There are so many options to choose from and so many ways to win big on Super Bowl betting. It’s definitely a game to watch and enjoy whether you’re betting on the outcome or just the commercials.

The Spread

If you’re curious as to how much the spread will be in this year’s Super Bowl, then all you need to do is look at the current odds and prop bets to get an idea of how much stronger the favorites will be this year. Take a look at the New England Patriots at -3 on the over (3 points) and the Indianapolis Colts at +3 on the under (3 points). The under is currently the favored bet (at least at smaller online gambling sites) due to the fact that there are more questions about New England’s season than Indianapolis’ campaign.

The Points

You’ll also see the points option laid out as part of the wagering options for Super Bowl betting. This is where you place a wager to win real money. For instance, the under is 10 points in favor of the home team in this case the Colts. Place a ten-point wager and you’ll earn 10x your original bet if your team wins the Super Bowl. But if your team loses the Super Bowl, then you’ll only win back 8 points (your original ten-point bet) with the points option. It’s important to keep in mind that the points option is generally more difficult to win than the money-line or the prop bets. But it’s also the most exciting option because there’s always the possibility you can win big if your team scores more points than the other team.

The Playoff

Speaking of exciting possibilities, let’s talk about the 2018 AFC playoff schedule which could very well decide the champion. The five-game series will be played between the Patriots, the Colts, the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Tennessee Titans, and the Oakland Raiders. The Patriots will host the first three games and will travel to Oakland for their final two games. These are the only two games that will be played on the road. The Patriots will only have to worry about traveling to Indianapolis for game four and then heading back to their home stadium for game five. That makes it easier for them to prepare for game day and rest before and after the games. It would be a shame to lose a game just to travel to another city. The road swings both ways.


Expectations are a big part of sports. Fans always have high hopes for their teams and some games are bigger than others based on the amount of hype surrounding them. You’ll likely see some fairly large bets placed on game six between the Patriots and the Colts. There is no question the stakes will be high when these two teams meet in Indianapolis for game seven of the conference championship. It’s fair to say that the fans of both teams will be very keen to see this game and maybe even take a little edge off their nerves by placing a wager on it. But don’t get too carried away by all the build-up for game seven. The reality is that New England beat Indianapolis in three of the five previous games this year. It would be extremely surprising if we don’t see another game seven in the near future between these two teams.

Hopefully, this article has given you enough information to place a winning wager on Super Bowl 2018. Of course, we recommend you do your homework and research the teams beforehand to make sure you pick the right game and the right spots to bet. Make sure to have fun while you’re there but don’t forget about the risks involved in gambling. Illegal sportsbooks often pop up online, looking to take advantage of unwary online betters. You can lose thousands of dollars if you’re not careful. It’s best to play only at reputable sportsbooks with a good reputation.