What Are the Best Books on Horse Betting?

The world of horse-racing is a fascinating one, and even those who aren’t passionate about the sport can enjoy the elegant page-turning of a good book. As with any other sport, there are numerous stories of courageous horse-owners putting their faith in a particular horse and suffering heartbreak when that horse defeats them. This is often compounded by bad luck, misleading information or just plain old poor horsemanship.

It’s important to keep in mind, however, that a good book isn’t just a matter of regurgitating facts and figures. A well-written book can also provide insight into the sport, including the psychology of a horse-race, and examine the strategies that the top riders use to gain an edge.

General Sports Books

A good general sports book will contain all the main facts and figures relevant to the sport, along with some background information and colorization. The fact that this book will be relevant to a variety of sports makes it that little bit more valuable.

A good example of a sports book is the Total Football Encyclopedia, which is available for iPad, Kindle and other electronic devices. The encyclopedia covers virtually all aspects of the sport, including statistics, rivalries, individual players and more. If you’re seriously interested in any of the major sports, then this is a book you’ll want to consult. Keep in mind that being comprehensive doesn’t mean that the writing is boring or without interest. Quite the opposite – it’s often quite the opposite. The writing in these books is usually excellent, and it makes up for any lack luster original content with helpful, well-written text that’s ideal for quick reference.

Horse Racing Books

If you’re a big fan of horse-racing, or even if you’re just curious, it’s time to invest in some special books. The first thing you should do is eliminate all the bad press surrounding the subject. Even if you don’t gamble, it’s important to remain objective and aware of the scandals that have plagued the sport in the past. If you’re looking for an unbiased opinion on horse-racing, then you need to look no further.

One of the best books to help you get started is Jack Nicholson’s The Art of Racing – A Mental Game. First published in 1968, it discusses the psychology of horse-racing and provides tips on how to approach the game. The author had some experience as a jockey, and he drew on that knowledge to provide expert insight into the world of horse-racing. It’s often considered one of the best sports psychology books ever written.

It would be a missed opportunity if you bought this book and didn’t read the part about J.R. Farnsworth. If you’re a fan of the sitcom, The Patty Cake Project, then you’ll know exactly who he is and why he’s mentioned in this book. J.R. Farnsworth was a competitive eater and horse owner who suffered from neuralgia, a kind of nerve pain that was very debilitating. This pain was brought on, in part, by overconsumption and caused him to lose a significant amount of weight. He eventually resorted to eating grass just to provide the calories his body needed to function.

The Great Mentor

It’s also important to note that many top horse-racing writers also write for other outlets, such as TV shows and magazines. They often take their cue from books like this one and use their knowledge to create engaging content for a wider audience. If you’re lucky enough to land yourself an expert writer or PR person as a mentor, then this book will be worth its weight in gold. You’ll learn a lot from simply reading and listening to their stories – especially if you’re a bit of a junky yourself.

Which Book Do I Buy?

Choosing a sports book isn’t easy, especially since there are so many good ones to choose from. The best approach is to work your way gradually from the basics to more in-depth material. The Total Football Encyclopedia is a great place to start, as it’ll cover most of your basic needs and then give you the opportunity to delve deeper into the sport you love.