What are the Betting Odds for LSU vs Alabama Game?

The line for the LSU-Alabama game moved significantly Friday as more and more bets were placed on the road team to cover the point spread. The early lines favored the visiting team by many points, but those odds have changed now as bettors are favoring LSU to cover the spread.

The early lines for the game moved quickly after each team scored a touchdown on their opening drive. Alabama opened the scoring with a 35-yard field goal in the first quarter and LSU answered with a 30-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Joe Burrow to Kyle Posey.

The line moved further in LSU’s favor after the teams traded touchdowns in the second quarter. Burrow found his favorite target again in the end zone, this time on an 8-yard pass to Terrance Gaiser. Later in the quarter, Joe Burrow hooked up with Jaquez Callaway on an 80-yard touchdown pass to give the Tigers a 24-14 lead going into the half.

What to Keep An Eye On

While both teams have moved the line in their favor, there are still a few things to keep an eye on before you make any final wagers.

First, if you are a fan of either of these teams, now is the time to place your wager. Neither team is playing well and there is a possibility that this game will be over before it begins. But if you are looking for an exciting game that could go either way, this is the one you’re looking for. The line is now at LSU -3.5 allowing you to make money no matter what happens.

Second, the weather is playing a role in the line movement. It is currently cloudy and cool in T-Town which could potentially ruin Joe Burrow’s golden return to football. But it’s also bright and sunny where the games will be played in Baton Rouge so if you’re a fan of the outdoors, you might have the opportunity to see some great football. The humidity is also at a high and you never know how the heat might affect either QB or the outcome of the game.

Third, if you are planning on watching the game, make sure you get your tickets in advance. The demand for tickets is already there and with only three days to go before the game, you might not be able to buy them if you don’t want to pay hefty fees. Remember that the Alabama fans are mostly working-class people so they might not have the money to spend on tickets. But if you want to be near the action, you should buy your tickets ahead of time to avoid the long lines. Plus, the atmosphere at an LSU game is always fun and exciting.

Why Bet On The Over/Under?

One of the most exciting parts of an NFL game is when the lines move after each team scores a touchdown. The first team to score typically wins the game and the point spread depends on the number of touchdowns and the ensuing number of points. So if you’re looking for a game where the over/under is the number you want to focus on. LSU is currently a -3.5 favorite over Alabama according to the NCAA CFB Odds History Database, but that could change. More and more people are placing bets on the road team to cover the point spread after each score.

Where Do We Start?

Since the line movement for this game depends on the scores in the previous two games, let’s take a look at those scores. LSU won the previous meeting between these two teams 38-7. In the second game, Alabama dominated from beginning to end with a dominant 31-3 win. If you’re just looking for an easy way to make some money, betting the over under is the way to go. These are simply popular options because the numbers are so close to even money. If you want to make some real money, you have to look elsewhere as there are better bets to choose from.

Final Score Prediction

Looking at the NCAA scores, you would think that the over/under is the way to go for this game. LSU is currently a -3.5 favorite, but that could change. Both teams are a little banged up coming into the game and neither has played particularly well. You could make the argument that neither has even been close to their best. The under may be the better option. As always, though, you have to look at the lines and see if there are any signs of life. If not, you might want to consider taking a pass.