What are the Odds of an Ossoff Win in Georgia?

Back in 2014, a then 28-year-old named Aaron Paul ran for Congress in the Republican-leaning 3rd District of Georgia. The seat, which was previously held by Tom Price, had recently become vacant after Price was appointed to head up the Department of Health and Human Services. This largely due to Price’s work as a lobbyist for the health care industry. Although Paul lost the election to then-candidate Jack Kingston by 5 percentage points, his campaign was historic in that it was the first of its kind in the district. In 2020, Paul is back with a campaign for Georgia’s 4th District and now as a Representative-elect he will have a chance to make Congress work for him. Here’s a quick look at the chances of an Aaron Paul victory in Georgia and how to vote.

The Political Climate In Georgia

In 2018, Democrats made major gains in the state, winning back the house, flipping several state legislative seats, and taking seats in statewide offices including Governor and Attorney General. The GOP also suffered major losses in the state, with several members of its party losing their seats. The overall result was dubbed a “blue wave” by the state’s political pundits. While some voters may have been attracted to the wave of change, they may also have been turned off by the divisiveness and anger seen on the streets during the height of the protests in August and September 2018.

The Winner Stands Tall

A couple of years back, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution put together a list of the top 100 House candidates in the country. One of these candidates is Georgia’s own Aaron Paul. In 2017, when Paul ran for governor, he made the AJC list with the 100th spot. In August of 2019, just months after he won his congressional seat, he again made the top 100. This time around, he took the 97th spot.

While it’s difficult to say for certain, it’s likely that some voters know exactly what they are getting with Aaron Paul. For those looking for a more traditional candidate, they may have felt turned off by his controversial social media activity and non-traditional campaign tactics. However, for those looking for an alternative, Aaron Paul may just be the change they’re looking for. In any event, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves – Aaron Paul is “the real deal.”

Ossoff, A Long Shot In GA-06

In 2018, Democrat Jon Ossoff nearly became the first candidate to unseated a Republican incumbent in the district since becoming a single-member district in 2011. Ossoff received widespread media coverage due to his charisma and fundraising prowess, making him one of the most prominent Democrats in the country. While the district has a strong history of supporting Republicans, it was the first district to vote for a Democrat in the 2016 presidential election, rejecting Donald Trump and nominating Hillary Clinton. As a result of this, many people thought that Ossoff was a shoo-in for reelection, especially since he had no primary challengers. However, even with significant name recognition and campaign funds, Ossoff was unable to recapture the magic that made him so appealing to voters in the first place – the Democrats didn’t have a candidate with similar appeal in the general election, as evidenced by the fact that Trump carried the district by 19 points.

What Is The Best Way To Vote In Georgia?

To vote in Georgia, you must be a US citizen and be registered to vote. You also need to be at least 18 years old and present an ID that matches the name on your voter registration. If you don’t have an ID, you can go to the nearest DMV and get a Georgia Driver’s License. Voting is one of the most important aspects of being an American citizen, so make sure you do your part by registering and voting in the upcoming elections.