What Are the Odds in the New York Jets vs. Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Game?

The Jacksonville Jaguars take on the New York Jets this week in a pivotal AFC South matchup. The winner will most likely go on to face the Denver Broncos in the AFC championship game. The loser will have to fight for its life in the wildcard round. Luckily for the loser, the 2013 NFL schedule pits the Jags against some of the worst teams in football. So it’s not impossible for them to steal one.

Which Team Is Better Suited for the Football Environment?

The New York Jets are located in the nation’s largest city and play in almost every climate. They have one of the best QBs in the league and are led by some extremely motivated executives. So although you’d never put these two teams together at first glance, you’d be suprised how well the city of New York handles football. It has produced some top tier talent over the years, including Joe Namath, Joe Theisman and Ken O’Brien. The team also hired the extremely successful former Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach, Jon Gruden, who helped turn the team around after the franchise had hit rock bottom.

On the other hand, the Jacksonville Jaguars are located in one of the most gorgeous cities in America and play in a more tropical climate. It’s no secret that the city and its residents are fond of their football team, as evidenced by the fact that the city holds the Alltel Stadium Half-Mile Fun Run every year to celebrate the start of the football season. The stadium, although it has undergone several renovations since it was built in the early 1990s, still has a vintage look about it. As a matter of fact, it was one of the first major league stadiums to allow for natural light to stream into the venue. So for all intents and purposes, the sun never sets on the Jaguar’s games.

Which Team Is More Physically Prepared For The Game?

According to the scouting report, the New York Jets are somewhat of a running team. They have a power back in Chris Ivory, who had a breakout season in 2012, totaling 1,287 yards and six touchdowns on the ground. After a rough NFL rookie year in which he gained just 447 yards, Mark Sanchez has gradually improved and showed good promise late in the season. Sanchez has a wide range of weapons at his disposal, including an extremely quick first step, good ball placement and solid arm strength. He also uses his feet skillz to be more unpredictable.

On the other side of the ball, the Jacksonville Jaguars are physically the antithesis of the New York Jets. The Jags’ top tier defense is made up of mostly rangy outside linebackers, who can stuff the run and make plays in the passing game. The unit led the NFL in sacks in back to back years (2012 & 2013), sacking the quarterback 16 times in 2012 and 18 times in 2013. After getting bullied around by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for years, the Jaguars finally stood up for themselves and made a run at the crown in 2012, beating out the Bucs for the top spot. If there’s one thing the Jags are known for, it’s their ferocious pass rush.

Which Team Is More Mentally Prepared For The Game?

Apart from the physical preparation, this matchup pits two very different football minds against each other. As previously stated, the Jets are a running team, which makes them more of a mind game away from the pass. Moreover, their offensive line, although very good, is not physical enough to wall off their opposition. The Jags, on the other hand, can boast of some very, very physical linemen. The interior of their line, which was once again reinforced by season-ending injuries to their starting tackles, is definitely the team’s biggest area of weakness. However, there’s always hope for the rebuilding Jaguars, as their young nucleus of Quinton Coples, Marcedes Lewis and Russell Shepherd is slowly starting to chip in. With a new head coach in place, there’s reason to believe the Jaguars can finally find the success they so desperately need.

What Is the Early Prediction For This Game?

The early predictions for this game range from the Jets winning in a blow-out to the Jags pulling off a stunning upset. It should be noted that the Jets are a better team, both physically and mentally, so the bookies have given them the edge here. The early odds for this game have also been shortened, with the Jets opening as short as 1.5-time (1.5) and the Jaguars going as high as 4.0-time (5.0). Interestingly, the spread has remained relatively unchanged, with the Jets still holding an 8-point edge over the Jags (4.5).

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