What are the Betting Odds on the Patriots vs. the Jaguars in Week 7?

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Why are the Jaguars Not Popular Choices To Win The 2019 NFL Season?

You’ll have to go back quite a while for the last time the Jacksonville Jaguars were crowned NFL champions. Since its inception in 1995, the organization has won only two playoff games and has only managed to make the post-season one other time. The team’s 0-6 playoff record is the worst of any team in the Super Bowl era. Naturally, many are wary of backing the Jags as a season long wager, given their recent past.

The 2019 NFL regular season doesn’t quite get started yet, but it’s already possible to declare a winner without fear of repercussion. Based on current form and the bookmakers’ odds, the New England Patriots are the early favourites to dethrone the San Francisco 49ers as the league’s top-seed. The Patriots are considered a dynasty in the making, and rightfully so given their incredible track record of success. Over the past decade, Bill Belichick’s squads have advanced to the playoffs every year and rarely suffered embarrassing losses. The Patriots will continue unabated this year, but that doesn’t mean they won’t get tested.

Belichick has always managed to avoid serious injuries to his key players, but the man is 70 years old now and isn’t getting any younger. Players like Rob Gronkowski and Dion Lewis are undoubtedly important to the Patriots’ success, but there’s no guarantee that either of them will play football again at the same level as they did in their prime. The Patriots defence was also among the worst in football last season, meaning they’ll have to rely on Tom Brady and company to produce another vintage campaign. It wouldn’t be surprising to see them dip slightly in performance compared to 2018, but they’ll still likely be the favourites to win the Super Bowl.

How can the Jags Survive In the AFC South?

Jacksonville is one of the two markets in the United States that is officially permitted to gamble on sports. The other is Las Vegas, which obviously has a great deal to offer, but nothing compares to having the freedom to bet on your favourite sports team in the comfort of your home. It’s important to understand that while it’s legal to gamble online in some regions, you’ll still have to be physically located in a ‘sportsbooking station’ in order to place bets. The ‘sporting odds’ and ‘lay bets’ offered by the different bookmakers vary from region to region, so check with the providers before placing a wager to ensure you’re not paying out of state tax on a win and still have the freedom to bet as much as you like.

What is the Style Betting Popular On New England?

The most popular bets available on New England are of the ‘over’ variety, which simply means you’re betting more money on the team you support. The most popular team in New England this year is the Patriots, followed by the Steelers and then the Dolphins. The oddsmakers clearly have a soft spot for the home team and are willing to pay out in favour of them. The top five teams in terms of most bets are all from New England.

The line moved heavily in favour of the Patriots last year. Even at the beginning of the season, they were nearly two points better than the next best team. The over/under on total points is one of the most popular betting options in football. You can also bet on whether the game will be won or lost, which can be useful if you’re unsure of how good either side is. Backing the under is almost always a safe bet, but if you’re feeling adventurous, you could try backing the over. The point spread is another popular choice, with bookmakers offering big odds on teams like the Patriots, 49ers, and even the Browns. The spread between the two teams is usually a key factor in whether or not you’ll win money off a bet, as the farther the line moves in favour of the home team, the greater the chance of winning. For example, a $100 bet on the under would cost you $5.26 if the line is at minus 11, but only $3.73 if the line is at minus 3. Interested in trying your hand at sports betting? OddsPoint makes it easy to get started with the right tips and strategies. They also provide handy tools to help you analyse your bets and win more often. You can’t beat betting on sports when you know what you’re doing.