What Are the Vegas Betting Odds on the Alabama vs. LSU Game?

The 2019 college football season is here, and you can bet that the betting odds are already out there, ready to be taken. But before you bet on any game, it’s important to know the betting odds for that specific matchup. So let’s take a look at the Vegas betting odds for the big game this weekend:

Alabama vs. LSU Odds

The betting odds to beat LSU and win the National Championship at +375 would be tough to pass up at the books. It’s clear that the oddsmakers have taken into consideration the fact that the Tigers were ranked #1 in the country coming into this game, and Alabama fans hoping to see their team go head-to-head with LSU for the national championship might want to grab those odds. But for the rest of us, hoping for some entertainment value, the line moves down to +350. That’s still fairly tempting, but not quite worth the money. Another popular game this week is UCLA at Michigan (+275), so if you’re looking for some more action, check out those lines as well.

LSU vs. Alabama Odds

There are no national championship odds for LSU-Alabama, just like there are no college football championships for the rest of the season, but those looking to make a wager on this game should keep an eye on the line movements. The early betting odds for the LSU-Alabama game show a +650 betting advantage for Alabama, according to Bovada. This huge number indicates that the public is still favoring the Crimson Tide, who were ranked #5 entering the showdown. And while it’s true that LSU won the previous two encounters between these teams, oddsmakers are giving the nod to Alabama in this one.

Although it’s not quite as exciting as a national championship showdown between LSU and Alabama, the winner of this game won’t be decided until the end. This is a huge game for both teams, with each needing a victory to keep their bowl streak going, so there’s plenty on the line. Another popular pick this week is Texas A&M at Kentucky (+375), as the Aggies look to continue their remarkable turnaround as a team, while the Wildcats were underwhelming all year, losing to LSU, Mississippi, and South Carolina, among others. If you’re looking for a game with more action, check out the Michigan football odds, as they play the number-one ranked team in the country this weekend (that won’t be named).

Other Games To Watch

As mentioned above, there are no official national championship odds for LSU-Alabama, so this game will not be used to determine any sort of title. But it will be used to decide the divisional and conference championships later in the season. Check out the early betting odds for those games, too, as they can move a lot, especially now that the college football season has started, and interest is picking up. We’re also going to keep an eye on the over/under totals (for point spreads this year, it’s 50), as this can change throughout the season, so always checking those is important as well.