What Betting Sites Does Dazed Use?

It’s a well-known fact that Dazed is a major supporter of football and sports in general. The magazine always chooses its covers focusing on the major sports and players, as well as giving an insight into the worlds of sport and entertainment. The magazine also heavily promotes and covers various sporting events, such as football matches and horse racing. The publisher’s role in the industry is primarily to cover and promote sports and football matches because they are a proven source of income.

Which Sports Does It Cover?

The most popular sport on the planet at the moment is clearly football. England’s World Cup victory last summer was undoubtedly a global phenomenon, and the sport continues to grow in popularity every year. Dazed has built its brand around sport and football, and it seems only right that it should favour the game at the moment.

Interestingly, the magazine doesn’t just cover mainstream sports like football and golf. It also keeps an eye on the growing sports betting scene in the UK, and across the world. With the country’s recreational and greyhound betting becoming more accessible and legal, it seems likely that the industry will only continue to grow. It would be a missed opportunity for any sports fan not to flock to one of the many online betting sites that are specifically designed for horse and greyhound racing. There are also a number of offshore betting sites that offer a variety of sports, and with the upcoming General Election scheduled for May, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to research how to place a bet on the results.

Does It Focus On One Sport Or Does It Cover Several?

Dazed usually focuses on one sport or team in an issue, but it does occasionally cover several simultaneously. The magazine currently has an issue dedicated to Gareth Bale’s amazing goal-scoring feats for Real Madrid this season, as well as an in-depth interview with the Welshman. In an issue last year, Dazed featured interviews with England cricket captain Joe Root and Formula One champion Sebastian Vettel, along with in-depth coverage of the 2017 British Open Golf Championship. The magazine likes to think outside of the box, and in this case, it covered three sports in one issue!

There’s no question that Dazed is one of the most successful and prestigious sports magazines in the world, and it continues to grow in popularity year after year. It’s clear that the sport and football world will continue to inspire the imagination of journalists and designers alike.