How Do the Odds Affect the Point Spread?

The point spread has been a popular topic to discuss in sports books and betting circles especially with mixed martial arts and the NFL Playoffs upon us. Some think that the odds can help determine how successful a mixed martial artist or professional football player will be in their respective sports. Let’s take a closer look at the odds and how they affect the point spread.

The Importance Of Odds In Sports

When it comes to betting odds they are always listed as an important consideration when placing a wager on a sporting event. While it’s true that sports books make a lot of money from people placing bets, the lines are usually pretty significant so you may lose a decent amount of money if you are not careful. The point is that the odds are always something to take into consideration regardless of the wager and that’s probably a good idea in any situation.

Odds Can Help Point Spread Analysis

It’s always fun to look at the odds for different sports games and try to determine how they will affect the final score or the point spread in that particular game. If you are familiar with sports betting you may already know that the spread will almost always be affected by the betting lines where as the score is more likely to be decided by which team is better equipped to win the game. For example, take a look at the odds for the 2018 NFL Playoffs matchup between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams.

The Rams are a heavy favorite to win the game with an over under (OV) line of 3.5 points, while the Patriots are listed as an underdog with an over under (UO) line of 2.5 points. If you were to place a $100 wager on the game the result would be almost exactly as predicted based on the betting lines with New England winning by a final score of 20-17.

The Rams Are A Big Favorite

Looking at the odds for the 2018 NFL Playoffs it’s pretty clear that the Los Angeles Rams sport an impressive roster and are heavily favored to win the game. Perhaps the biggest contrast between the two teams is that the Patriots are expected to trail by a score of 3-1 in the first quarter before rallying to win the game. One can assume that the Rams would rather avoid going into halftime down by a score of 3-1, especially since it would be extremely difficult to come back from such a deficit against a team like New England.

Can NFL Point Spreads Be Predicted?

Let’s say you’re reading a book with the goal of learning how to predict the point spread between two competing teams in an NFL game. It would be wise to do some research online before committing to a particular strategy. Doing your research shouldn’t be a problem since you’ll have access to all the information you need in one place. For instance, you can locate all the games for a specific team this upcoming season and look at past performances to determine how likely they are to cover the spread on any given day.

Underdog With The Best Strategy

An underdog in sports is someone or something that is not expected to win based on their skill or record but can be expected to do so because of some sort of unfair advantage. One good strategy for an underdog would be to underestimate their opponent. In the 2018 NFL Playoffs the New England Patriots are an underdog heading into their game against the Los Angeles Rams. The Patriots are a team with a lot of talent but were recently defeated by the Buffalo Bills in the first round. That loss gave the Rams the edge they need to win the game. If the Patriots play it safe and assume that the Rams are a good team then they may struggle to cover the point spread in this game. However, if the Patriots play it like it’s their last game then they might just be able to pull off an upset victory and cover the spread.