What CSGO Betting Sites Are Still Up and Running?

It’s been a while since the end of October, which means it’s now literally winter in Canada. But that doesn’t mean the season is over for sports fans. With sports betting sites running at lessened capacity and many sports on hold due to the pandemic, it’s still possible to follow your favourite teams and players through stats-based wagering on Cricket, Football, and Basketball games.


While the humble cricket ball may not seem like it could cause that much damage, given enough time and some intense bombardment, the bat and the ball can do some serious damage. From W. Crickett’s (an acronym for “Westminster College”) invention in the early 1800s all the way to the present day, cricket has been known to cause some serious injuries. In rare cases, the ball has even pierced the skull of a batsman and killed him. For most players, however, cricket is a game that tests their mental fortitude as much as their physical skills. With the world’s best batsmen and bowlers still to come from domestic cricket in the UK, it would be a shame to miss out on any game. Bookmakers would have to adjust their odds to make it more affordable for people, particularly those in rural areas that still have access to the game.


Also known as soccer in some regions and rugby league in others, football is another game that was first created in the UK and has since spread worldwide. In fact, it’s so popular that the World Football Federation has set up a division of countries called “The Other Conferen” that plays by the French Rules. Despite the significant amount of injuries that can occur on the pitch, football remains a popular game due to its ability to bring people together. Whether it’s a game of chance or skill, the crowds that turn up to a football match prove that competitive as well as cooperative match-watching is possible.


Another game that was first played in the United States but has since spread around the world is basketball. Despite its low incidence of serious injuries, basketball is still a somewhat risky game. Like cricket and football, the ball can really pack a punch and if you’re not careful enough, you can hurt yourself or someone else. Like football, basketball has also become a game that people around the world have gotten really into. Thanks to the NBA, Europe has become a haven for basketball fans, with lots of games to choose from in the Winter and Spring months.

Which Sports Are Available For Betting?

Thanks to the internet, sports are available for betting around the clock, which means you can bet on any sport at any time of day. While some countries and states in North America still don’t allow for recreational gambling, it’s possible to engage in wagering from the comforts of your home. The downside is that the odds at many betting sites have increased due to increasing demand and less competition, so it can be more expensive to win when compared to the odds offered when the games were live.

Where Can I Find Data On My Favourite Teams?

One of the most useful tools that modern fans have at their fingertips is the ability to research any team they are interested in. Though many sports offer detailed information online, many sites specialize in detailed stats regarding individual players and their teams. With this kind of information, it’s possible to pick games more carefully and reduce the number of losses.

The best example of this is NFL stats, which was originally designed for and almost entirely focused on NFL Football. Though the data isn’t always 100% accurate, it’s still possible to find a large amount of information regarding individual players and their teams. It’s also worth looking into cricket betting sites specifically if you want to bet on international cricket matches as there are fewer restrictions regarding wagering on these games compared to domestic matches.

Are Sports Ever Tied To Surprising Results?

No game is completely independent of the results of previous games. Though some fans get excited about the notion of the underdog winning, in reality, the favourite is more likely to win. When this happens, it often leads to regret on the part of the fans who bet on the underdogs. This is because after the game, they realize that the result was likely predetermined by the odds being offered at the time the bet was placed.

As an example, let’s say one of your favourite players is playing for Manchester United against another team. If you look at the odds before the game, you’ll notice that they are heavily in favour of Manchester United. However, during the game, your player scores a hat trick, which is an amazing achievement. But since you can’t win if your team loses, you’ll end up feeling a little bad.

On the other hand, if you look at the odds before the Leicester-Tottenham game and noticed that they were favouring Leicester, you’d have known that their unlikely run of form was probably just a one-off event and that they were bound to lose eventually. So, you could have placed a bet on Tottenham and actually won, which would have made you feel a whole lot better about this whole situation.

The same sort of thing happens in cricket. If you look at the odds before the start of the 2018 Ashes series, you’ll notice that England is the 2.5-to-1 underdog. Though they’ve never really been respected as a cricketing nation, the recent success of England’s national team has brought them a lot of fans, which has led to a surge in wagering on this year’s Ashes series. But since England is such a small country with close proximity to another country, it’s entirely possible that the betting sites are taking into consideration the potential for the series to be tied or decided by the umpires. In other words, the odds could be manipulated to make it seem like a fluke.

How Do I Place A Best Bet?

It’s important to place your bets according to your own judgment regarding which team is most likely to win. Since odds are always subject to change, this is something that you’ll have to constantly be checking. You should also make sure that you’re placing your bets at a reputable site that has a good reputation regarding payout and customer support.

If possible, use an online betting calculator to figure out the exact odds of each team before you place your bet. This way, even if the odds change after you’ve placed your bet, you’ll still know the exact amount that you beat or lost.

For example, let’s say you’ve placed a bet on England to win the Ashes against Australia and are now following the odds, which have recently decreased to 3.0, meaning you would win your bet with odds of 2.0. But then, during the series, England wins the first test by a large margin, which makes the odds even more in their favour. Your winnings would then be multiplied by two, bringing your total over the five-match series to £170, which is more than you originally placed on England. But since you can’t win if your team loses, you’ll end up feeling a little bit bad. Though this might not seem like much money, if you’re betting a couple of dollars a day, this could easily amount to a significant sum of money over the course of a year.

Do The Math

Sports betting can be a pretty complex game, which is why so many people get into gambling. Though it can be difficult to grasp at first, once you start breaking things down into smaller units, it all starts to make sense. For example, if you’re watching the NFL and see that the odds are heavily in favour of the New England Patriots, it’s easy to see that they’ve had a lot of previous success and are thus likely to continue winning games. It’s also worth noting that the Patriots are one of the most popular teams in Massachusetts, where they are based, so it makes sense that they’d become such big favourites there – including when they’re playing other teams that are not even from New England!

Ultimately, none of this matter if you don’t know how to pick winning teams and it’s important to establish which teams are worth following and which are total scams. There are many strategies that one can use to pick winning teams, some of which are more scientific than others. But, at the end of the day, it comes down to basic common sense and paying attention to details. If you want to win at sports betting, follow these simple rules: