What do -8.5 Mean in Betting?

One of the most common betting expressions is “betting on (a football match, for example) at +8.5” or “taking the under/over (on the cricket score) at +8.5.” This kind of bet will be referred to as an “8.5 bet” in this article. To put it quite simply, an “8.5 bet” is a bet where the payout if the point scorer is higher than the point against score, plus or minus a half. For example, in a football match between Arsenal and Liverpool, Arsenal will be the point scorer if they win the match, while Liverpool will be the point against score. Therefore, the bet will pay out at +8.5 if Arsenal wins 2-1.

Why Are These Bets Popular?

Traditionally, sportsbooks have taken a “hedge” position on all sports betting, meaning that they will only offer even money on all games. However, with the advent of new technologies, sportsbooks are looking to differentiate themselves from the competition and satisfy what David Teymooriddin calls “casual, mobile and social gamblers.”

For mobile and social gamblers, the appeal of an “8.5 bet” is that it provides a payout that is not only fairly easy to manage, but also one that is a little more attractive than others offered by sportsbooks. For example, if you are playing on your mobile phone and decide that you would like to back Arsenal to win the match between Liverpool and Arsenal, you would enter +8.5 into the betslip and hit the “Place Bet” button. After the game, whether Liverpool wins or loses, you would get your money back (plus the expected amount of change).

For the casual gambler, the appeal of an “8.5 bet” is that it is simple enough to understand even if you have never placed a wager in your life. As long as you can follow the rules of odds, you can play along at home (or while on vacation, for that matter). It also helps that most sportsbooks now offer in-game betting analytics, making the math a little less complicated. With all these appealing qualities combined, it’s no wonder why so many people enjoy placing bets using this method.

How to Place an “8.5 Bet”

For those looking to experiment with placing “8.5 bets,” the best course of action is to first visit a reputable source for online sports betting advice. The Internet is a vast and ever expanding playground, which means that there is bound to be a variety of online resources offering help to anyone looking to place a wager. When choosing an expert to assist you, make sure that they are a part of the Betting Exchange forums, where you can post questions and gain invaluable support from other users.

Next, you will want to do some research into which sportsbooks offer an “8.5 bet” denomination and what the payoff is for this kind of wager. Just because a bookmaker offers an “8.5 bet” does not mean that it is good for betting. In fact, it might be a sign that they are trying to appeal to a more mature audience than your average sportsbook. This kind of bookmaker might also have a focus on certain sports, such as poker or casino games, which are typically more suitable for adults.

The important thing to keep in mind when placing an “8.5 bet” is that, other than the fact that it is an unusual payout, there is no right or wrong answer when placing a wager. It’s strictly a matter of whether or not you believe that your chosen team will win the game. Some bookmakers might favor one team over another, but as long as you stay within the confines of the rules of odds, you cannot lose. If you’re not sure where to begin, it might be a good idea to read about the basics of sports betting, such as odds and line movement. These are two important concepts that every bettor should be familiar with. If you can understand these two things, you will be able to begin placing winning bets without any problems.