What Does the Plus Point in Football Betting Mean?

When watching sports, especially American sports, you will often hear fans and pundits mention the ‘plus point’. For those who aren’t familiar, the plus point in betting is the amount you’ll need to win in order to make your money back. In other words, if you were to bet $100 on a sporting event, and the winning team scored 15 points, you would lose $85 on the bet (because it was a ‘minus point’ score). The reason this is important for sports bettors is that it provides them with an idea of how much they can risk, given their bankroll. For example, if you have $500 to place on the game and you’re aware that minus points are common in American sports, you may decide to only risk $100 on the game.

Minus Points Are More Common In Football

One of the most popular American football leagues is the National Football League (NFL). Every game in the NFL is officially decided by points. For example, a team may score three points for a touchdown, seven points for a field goal and two points for an interception. Technically, these are all ‘plus points’, but they are not always easy to comprehend for fans who aren’t used to watching sports with a math background. That’s why a lot of Americans, myself included, confuse the words ‘point’ and ‘point spread’. It’s also why a lot of sportsbooks, betting shops and online bookmakers state the amount of points that will be scored by each team.

This is a little different from other major American sports, such as the National Basketball Association (NBA) and Major League Baseball (MLB). NBA and MLB games are usually decided by one or more runs, which is why you’ll see the words ‘over’ or ‘under’ in certain situations. For example, in the NBA, if the home team scores 110 points and the visiting team scores 105 points, the game is decided by five runs and the crowd goes crazy. In that case, you would technically have won the bet, even though the visiting team came back and beat the home team. In the NFL, there are no ties and the first team to score a touchdown ‘wins’ the game.

How To Make Sure You’re Getting Your Money’s Worth

When taking a gamble, whether it’s online or at a sportsbook, you must always look out for yourself. For example, if you’re reading a bettor’s guide on the internet and come across a plus point betting scam, you may want to steer clear of those sites and the people behind them. Just because there are a lot of benefits to betting on sports, that doesn’t mean every tip, trick or scam offered by a so-called ‘expert’ is going to give you an edge – it’s up to you to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Just remember: if it sounds too good to be true, it normally is.

On the other hand, if you see something legitimate that you think will help you make a profit, there’s no reason to be afraid to try it. Just make sure you do some research first and, as always, be smart about what you’re doing. Betting on sports is a great option for anyone who wants to make a quick buck, but nobody wants to be the fool.