What Does +1 1/2 Mean in Baseball Betting?

It’s a common expression used in sports: +1 1/2.

When a bet is +1 1/2, it means the total point-spread is 1 1/2 units (ex. a team is listed as 1-2 points favored, the bet is +1 1/2, or two teams are listed as 2-1 1/2, the bet is again +1 1/2).

A +1 1/2 is a good example of a teaser bet. A teaser bet is a type of bet where the payout is not at all related to the outcome of the game. Instead, it’s usually related to some other event that has to do with the game. The payout on a teaser bet is always either guaranteed or, at the very least, highly likely to cover the wager.

What Does It Mean To Be +1 1/2 In A Game That Is Still Undecided?

In the middle of the third inning of a ballgame, the line for the game might be +1 1/2 or, more specifically, BetOmni, its Egyptian owner and operator, might set the line at +1 1/2 Boston Red Sox / Chicago Cubs. The game has yet to be played, but you’ve got a good idea of how it might turn out.

Before the game was over, the line might have moved to +1 1/2 New York Yankees / St. Louis Cardinals or San Francisco Giants / Kansas City Royals. Now, after the game, the line might move to +1 1/2 Arizona Diamondbacks / Los Angeles Dodgers. In this case, you would’ve made a wise bet on the Red Sox, who won the game 16-1 over the Cubs.

What Is The Difference Between A Half-Point Spread And A Point-Spread?

A half-point spread is when one team is favored to win by a half-point and the other team is the underdog to win by the same amount. For example, the Tennessee Titans are -2 1/2 favorites to beat the Washington Redskins in their upcoming game on October 28th. That’s because the Titans are 2-point underdogs.

A point-spread is the amount of separation between the teams in a game. When a game has a point-spread, it means there will be lots of action and a lot of money to be made. However, the money will be on the winning side of the bet more so than on the losing side. For example, the Dallas Cowboys are -1 1/2 favorites to beat the New York Giants in their upcoming game on October 28th. That’s because the point-spread in the game is -1 1/2.