What Does 1-1 Betting Mean?

With the World Cup coming up this summer, many people will be looking for betting options to make some money from the festivities. One of the biggest events in world sport is set to be the greatest show on earth and there will be a whole array of betting opportunities, including one-one betting. What is this bizarre wagering pattern and why is it the subject of so much attention these days? Let’s have a quick look.

One-One Betting Explained

If you’re not familiar with one-one betting, it’s essentially a betting pattern that sees you lay a single wager with a bookmaker, in order to win or lose one unit of money. In almost all cases, you’ll be placing this wager on a sporting event that’s yet to take place, because, as the name would suggest, you’re only interested in having a winning or losing outcome for your wager. This is in stark contrast to the popular 1-2 pattern, where you lay two bets of equal size on two games, with the expectation of both outcomes. For example, you might lay £10 on Manchester United to win the Premier League and Manchester City, with £5 on each bet for a total of £20 on the two games. Another example would be the popular Australian rules football league, where you can lay 100 units on each of the eight games. One-one betting is a truly bizarre way to bet, but there’s a method to its madness.

The Rise In Popularity

While traditionalists might grumble about the modernisation of sports and the influx of money that comes with it, one-one betting is a perfect example of how sports can attract new audiences and generate additional revenue. The concept is extremely simple to understand and, as with most things in life, the appeal is in the implementation. It doesn’t hurt that the implementation is highly successful, either.

The craze for all things football-related has reached such a fever pitch that even non-betting sports fans might be tempted to try their hand at one-one betting, simply to make sense of all the action. With the World Cup only weeks away, many bookmakers could see a surge in interest in the near future.

The Benefits

There are a number of distinct benefits to one-one betting. To begin with, as we’ve established, you’re not looking at a winning or losing outcome for your wager, which naturally means no stress when it comes to trying to recoup losses. You might feel a little uneasy about placing a wager on an outcome that hasn’t yet been determined, but in most cases it’ll be a win-win situation. In theory, anyway.

With so much money and effort going into the World Cup, it would be churlish not to make the most of its popularity. One-one betting gives you the perfect opportunity to be one of the many people trying to make a quick buck from the excitement. The fact that it’s not a favoured approach of the bookmakers means that there’s still plenty of money to be made, which can only be a good thing for the contestants and the general public alike.

Now, about those distinct advantages:

Increased Availability

If you’re a fan of the beautiful game, you might be familiar with the issues surrounding wagering on football matches. The majority of European countries, as well as Australia and New Zealand, for example, don’t allow individuals to engage in wagering on sporting events. That means you can’t simply pop down to your local bookmaker and place a bet on the game, without making a special arrangement with the sports organisation, in advance. The situation is similar for NBA matches, where betting is perfectly legal, yet the league and the teams themselves don’t offer odds on their games, because they don’t want to promote gambling. What this means is that, as a fan, you might not be able to lay a bet on your favourite sport, until the rules allow for it.

One-one betting changes all that. As long as you meet certain criteria, you’ll be able to place bets on the World Cup, without needing special permission. Some countries might also allow you to place bets on other major international sporting events, such as the Olympics. For American football fans, this could mean having the opportunity to place bets on their favourite team, as the New England Patriots don’t currently offer odds on their games, either.

More Engagement With Bookmakers

When you deal with a bookmaker, you’ll normally be required to set up an account and make a deposit. You might even be asked to verify your identity, with just a name and an email address. This is simply to prevent people from using stolen credit cards to place bets, which is a fairly common practice, on both sides of the Atlantic. After this, you’ll be given the opportunity to place your bets, either manually or using one of the various apps that the bookmakers offer. The latter is especially useful if you’re on the move, as you can place bets with the push of a button and continue, unfettered, to do so, as long as you have coverage.

More Engagement With The Sporting Community

While the rules surrounding wagering on sports events might be changing, this won’t affect your interaction with the sporting community. If anything, one-one betting will only increase this interaction. The fact that it’s not something that the general public is used to, will no doubt make it more fascinating to the people who are interested in sports, but don’t normally get involved in gambling. The passion for all things football might reach such a fever pitch that fans will want to get involved in the action and perhaps place a small wager themselves. This could mean more interaction with the bookmakers and a greater opportunity for marketing, as the betting companies will no doubt be looking to engage with, and hopefully sign up, the World Cup-watchers.

All these benefits add up to something pretty special and make one-one betting a very attractive option for fans of the beautiful game. It’s a great opportunity to make some money from a spectacular sporting event and, as we’ve established, there are distinct advantages to this type of betting.