What Does 100 Credits Mean for Sports Betting?

There are plenty of offers where you can 100% free bet on the NFL, NBA, and more. But, what does this actually mean? Does it translate into better odds and higher payouts? Let’s take a closer look.

Bettors Clubs Have Come A Long Way

The popularity of sports betting and esports gambling has increased in recent years, which means that more people are taking advantage of the offers that allow for 100% free bets. If you’re not familiar, a bettor’s club is an online sportsbook that allows you to make money online by gambling on sports events. Many top sportsbooks like bets.com have developed their own versions of a bettor club specifically for U.S. residents looking to make money from home. If you live in New Jersey and are trying to find a way to bet on sports events without leaving the house, you can check out our list of Best Sportsbooks for New Jersey Residents.

Bets.com, for example, has two special betstor club offers for New Jersey residents right now. The first is for the New Jersey Devils hockey team. If you bet on the Devils, you’ll get an extra 50% matched bet credit when you cash out. That’s up to a $250 bonus at bets.com! The other option is for the New York Giants & New York Jets football teams. You’ll find similar deals with other top-rated sportsbooks if you’re in the U.S. looking for a place to gamble.

Does It Mean Better Odds?

In theory, yes. When you sign up for an account at a sportsbook and make a deposit, you’ll notice that the odds for that day’s games improve. It’s usually because the sportsbook takes in more money than they pay out, leaving them with a profit. So, if you walk into a sportsbook and make a wager on the Rams -7 against the spread, for example, you’ll notice the bet will cost you 7 points to make, but the payout if the Rams win is going to be closer to -11. That’s actually a very good return on investment, which is why most people prefer to wager this way. Even if the sportsbook has terrible odds, it will cost you very little to make a wager.

Higher Payouts?

Yes and no. Sometimes, you’ll see a 100% bonus for certain events like the Super Bowl, World Cup, and NCAA Basketball Championship. But, the majority of the time, it means the sportsbook is offering a matching bonus for certain wagers. When this happens, you’ll typically see higher winnings when you hit on a winning streak. It’s still relatively uncommon to see a 100% bonus on daily fantasy sports or parlay bets, but it does happen. If you walk into a sportsbook and make a wager on the underdogs, you’ll notice they have great odds and a good payout. But, if you walk in and bet on the favorites, you’ll see a better chance of winning, but less money in payouts. It’s all about the strategy you choose when placing your bets. If you need help deciding which side to take, check out our list of The Top 5 Games to Bet On This Year.