What Does -11 Mean in Spread Betting?

The meaning of ‘-11’ in spread betting is fairly self-explanatory – it means that the spread is guaranteed to decrease by 11% in the next 11 weeks (or until the end of the season).

In other words, if you stake GBP 100 on the outcome of a sports event with a score of 1.8.3 to 0.4 and there is no goal scored in the first 11 weeks of the season, you will earn a return of £137.78 on your investment – assuming that the football season lasts for another 11 weeks. If there is a goal scored after week 11, then your stake will decline by 11% and you will lose out on the whole of that week’s action.

The important thing to remember about -11 bets is that you are not supposed to place them with bookmakers. Instead, you must place them with a so-called ‘house edge’ betting company, which is basically a bookmaker that you can trust. This option tends to be the safer and more attractive option for serious gamblers who want to place bigger wagers than someone willing to risk it all on one or two bets at a sportsbook. As you may imagine, most people who are placing these kinds of wagers are generally much more experienced in sports betting than someone who is just entering the scene for the first time – typically, the individuals placing these wagers are very eager to explain to you how the form works and how to use it properly. Additionally, some betting houses offer very attractive rewards for new and returning customers, so it’s definitely worth looking into if you want to get started playing sports betting and have a good experience.

Understanding The Pre-Set Spread

Another important thing to note about -11 bets is that usually, the set spread is not too far from being a fair price. In other words, if you want to back the underdogs – the teams that most people think will lose the match – then you should expect to pay more for the odds, because most bookmakers will make a few extra pounds off of every single underdog bet that they take. To give you an idea of what kind of odds you might face, if you staked GBP 100 on Arsenal to win the Premier League last season, you would have won £137.78 – plus whatever amount you might have lost on the other 11 matches. The point is that with a bit of analysis and common sense, you can usually get your money back, plus some extra.

One last thing to note about -11 bets is that generally, they don’t go too fast – at least, not in the beginning. This is because most people are not sure of how the odds will shift over the coming weeks, so they don’t want to rush into placing these kind of wagers. Instead, when it comes time to put your money down, you will see that the odds have mostly declined – sometimes significantly. This is preferable, as you don’t want to risk losing a large sum of money on a single bet that turns out to be against you. The general rule of thumb is to wait two to three months before placing a bet that is partially based on recent form – especially if this form is not very positive.

Getting Started

As mentioned, you should always use a house edge betting site for your -11 bets, as this ensures that all of your funds are secure and that you are being offered a good rate. When placing your bet, make sure to follow the instructions on the website clearly – especially if this is your first time there. Additionally, it is generally recommended that you back the favourites – the teams that are supposed to win the game. When placing a bet on a favourite team, you will generally need to choose between offering even money or giving the team you are backing a slight advantage – typically, the latter is usually the preferred option. When choosing between giving the favourite a slight edge or even money, it depends on your personal preference – you might choose to give them a slight advantage because you think they are more deserving than the other team. Additionally, it is sometimes a good idea to stack your bets – placing multiple bets on the same team or event – so long as this is legally allowed, of course. This is because when one of your bets is successful, you can collect on all of them – provided that they were placed with different bookmakers. If you are interested in getting started with sports betting, then visit an online sportsbook and place your first bet today!