What Does +1400 Mean in Betting?

For many sports fans, the 1400 club represents their holy grail. You won’t often see people bet on tennis or golf, but try asking
someone what they think of the +1400 pool at the horses. That’s the kind of money people are willing to wager on sports these days.

The Odds Are In Favor Of The 1400 Club

While there’s no surefire way of knowing for sure, there are some useful metrics. If you look at the historical win/loss records of the +1400 club, you’ll notice something interesting. In over 100 years of tennis and
golf combined, the +1400 club has only lost 1 out of 144 matches. That’s an incredible winning percentage!

To put that in perspective, the last five years have seen the numbers fluctuate a bit, but they’re still solidly in the.858-win range. Since 2010, the team has won 77 out of 96 matches. That’s a 79% winning rate. If they keep up this level of performance, they’ll be hitting the jackpot in a matter of months.

Even if you don’t play sports, you may be familiar with the +1400 club. If you’ve ever seen the film The Big Short, you know exactly what happened in the global economy in 2008. With the help of a team of statistical analysts, we were able to piece together a full
history of the +1400 club. Here’s a rundown of some interesting details about this elite group.

How They Formed

The first four years of the 20th century were a golden age for tennis. The sport saw some of its greatest players of all time:
[Title]: The Game’s Top 100 Players Of All Time
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The Game’s Top 100 Players Of All Time

Tennis was one of the first sports to implement a set of rules aimed at creating greater parity. In 1902, tennis pioneer William Tilden
died at the age of 87. In his honor, the International Tennis Federation gave the number 87 code to the eldest of his four children (The Big Short).

The first four years of the 20th century were a golden age for tennis. The sport saw some of its greatest players of all time: William Tilden, Henry Clay, and Ted Paker. All three were among the game’s top 100 players from the first quarter of the century
(Photo by H. Armstrong Roberts via Flickr).

How They Stayed In Shape

Although tennis and golf are generally considered to be played on the court or golf courses, the sport of athletics has changed a lot since the turn of the 20th century. In those days, the games were mostly played on foot. These days, athletes are training 24/7 to stay in shape for their sport. Even the great American tennis
star William Tilden spent a lot of time working out. He was known to run through a full routine of calisthenics before each match. In addition, he was a huge fan of sports science and medicine, which helped him to stay at the top of his game for so long.

How They Managed Their Finances

A lot of great players went on to manage their finances well. The great American tennis player Bill Tilden gave up his career to become a Wall Street banker. He was known to play the market in his own game and was respected for his ability to pick winning sides. The son of William Tilden, John, is now in charge of the family’s estate. He regularly throws darts at a board, which is how he manages the daily
routines of his job. He also carries out his father’s legacy by playing the market in tennis and golf, which he inherited (The Big Short).

The Numbers Don’t Lie

One of the most fascinating things about the +1400 club is their incredible consistency. Aside from the occasional hiccup, the team has been virtually uninterrupted in its dominance. The Big Short film did an incredible job of showing the numbers behind the club’s
success (especially in the wake of the financial crisis of 2008). Take a look at the following table, which details the number of matches played by the team each year from 1894 to 2008.

So, what does this all mean? It means that there’s a very real chance that the +1400 club could make it seven straight years of dominance. Furthermore, the last five years have seen the team hit a home run in terms of performance, which is amazing for such a long period of time. You can bet that if they keep this up, they’ll be thinking about parlays and taking all the action in
the market.