What Does 2 9 Betting Odds Mean?

You may have seen or heard of ‘2 9 betting odds’, usually appearing in the form of ‘+290 tennis’, ‘+1200 football’, ‘+210 golf’, or ‘+375 hockey’.

What do these numbers mean? Let’s take a closer look.

The Odds Tell You How The Bookmaker Calculates The Price Of A Bet

The phrase ‘2 9 betting odds’ is short for ‘2.9 to 1′. In layman’s terms, that means if you bet $100 on tennis, you will win $290. However, the bookmaker will charge you $299 for that 100-dollar bet.

The price listed next to a bet (such as ‘+290 tennis’) indicates how much the bookmaker will charge you for that bet. For example, the price of a $100 bet on tennis is $290 (2.9 to 1). As another example, the price of a $100 bet on the Cleveland Indians is $120 (1.2 to 1).

The price per bet varies by sport. For instance, a $100 bet on the New York Yankees will cost you $119, whereas a $100 wager on the Miami Heat will cost you $189. The odds for the Heat are therefore 1.9 to 1.

The ‘Odds’ Are Expressed In A Different Way

While the above explanation regarding the 2.9 to 1 odds is useful, you should keep in mind that bookmakers sometimes list odds in a different way. For example, a bookmaker may express 2.9 to 1 odds as ‘-290 tennis’ or ‘+850 golf.’ When this occurs, the numbers become easier to interpret. For instance, -290 means that you will lose $290 if you bet on tennis; however, the bookmaker will pay you $100 for that wager (giving you a net loss of $290).

Conversely, the ‘+’ signs in front of some of the odds tell you that you will win money, not lose it. For example, in the case of ‘+850 golf’, you will win $850 if you bet on that sport.

The Odds Are Grouped By Sport And Event

It is also useful to examine the odds for each sport and the events within those sports. For example, you might discover that the football odds are grouped differently than the tennis odds. In this case, you would need to consult the sheet for football to properly interpret the 2.9 to 1 odds for that sport.

This can be especially helpful if you are a betting enthusiast looking to follow the action as closely as possible. For example, on the first page of a bookmaker’s odds comparison page, you may see that the tennis odds are 2.9 to 1 but the football odds are only 1.7 to 1. This is important because, if you are a fan of both sports, you might want to wager on tennis but avoid football due to the level of competition. In this case, your handicapping might be better served by placing a $100 wager on the New York Yankees and taking care of the rest.

Key Takeaway

The odds are among the most important pieces of information for a recreational or professional sports bettor. The ability to quickly identify how much you will win or lose on any particular wager gives you a better understanding of how to place bets and what outcomes to expect. In addition, odds give you a general idea of how much value to place on any given sporting event. If you are looking to venture into betting, odds are a necessity. They cannot be avoided.

However, just because odds are important, this does not mean that they should be studied in depth or that you need to memorize every single number. Instead, odds are a key part of sports gambling that can be effectively applied once you understand their basics.